Where To Stay In Bali? That is The Question. Here’s The Answer!


Keep in mind that not every Bali visitor is after the same experience.

Therefore, the question of where to stay in Bali has many answers. 

One thing is certain, each of the jaw-dropping resorts you are about to discover has something to offer everyone. 

To begin with, just ask yourself a simple question. “Where do I want to be in Bali?”

 The options are, on or near the beach, in or near the rainforest, or in the city. 

Once you know that detail it’s time to explore your luxury accommodation options! 

Of course, variety is the spice of life. So, if you simply cannot decide, maybe plan a stay at one in each area. Or simply let Luxury Bali Tours choose for you.



where to stay in bali


Now, Follow Your Bali Guide to Your Dream Suite


Instead of giving you a list of the 10 most jaw-dropping resorts in Bali, why don’t we discuss some things that all of them have in common?

For instance, they are all island paradises. Each one has WiFi and free parking.

All have swimming pools, fitness centers, and onsite food. 

In addition, most offer a shuttle of some sort to either the airport or local attractions. 

In other words, the basics are all included. In this Bali Guide, we will be focusing on the not-so-basic amenities. 

These 10 jaw-dropping resorts are dripping with luxury and waiting to smother you in it.

Moving forward, back to the question, where to stay in Bali? It may help to narrow it down to what your island experience is geared towards, Family vacation, Honeymoon, or Exploration.



where to stay in bali


Let’s Talk About The Best Hotels in Bali 


While dreaming about that ideal hotel keep in mind the best hotels in Bali are just the tip of the iceberg for what this island has to offer.

However, the accommodations are so splendid you may never want to leave your resort. 

Not to worry, we won’t judge you or blame you if you simply get lost in the life of luxury at these first-class villas.

Actually, with dining, shopping, fitness, spa treatments, beaches, pools, and patios on site you could have a magnificent holiday.

Without further adieu, to satisfy your curiosity, these are the answers to “where to stay in Bali”.




1. Soori Bali Villa


Soori Bali is a remote resort whose theme is, “Rejuvenating, peaceful and authentic, this is Bali as it should be”.

Doesn’t that sound lovely! This resort offers several Villa choices for couples and families or large groups. 

  • Mountain Pool Villas
  • Beach Pool Villas
  • Ocean Pool Villas 

Speaking of luxury, each villa is complete with an infinity pool, courtyard with pavilion, patio, and breathtaking views!

All private and all serviced by a butler for your wants and needs.

By the same token, Soori Bali also offers residence type accommodations with three to fifteen bedrooms.

These are multilevel suites with room for the entire family or large group.

Not to mention the same elegant outdoor amenities as the Villas. 

Did someone say spa? Soori’s on-site spa offers a wide variety of lavish treatments.

Not only massage sessions and facials but full day packages!

Whether you are wanting a manicure, pedicure, bikini wax, or reflexology treatment they have what it takes to accommodate you. 



where to stay in bali



2.The Legian Bali Resort


This amazing getaway is located on Seminyak beach with some unique qualities. 

First of all, there are two separate resorts in one here. The Legian Bali Resort and Club Legian Bali.

In other words, you can choose between beachfront access and sea views or completely private pool villas with tropical gardens. 

First of all the Beachfront View Villas offer studio, one, and two bedroom villas.

Along with these options, there is also a three-bedroom beach house available for your stay. 

On the other hand, The Tropical Hideaway villas offer one bedroom accommodations surrounded by lush flowering gardens and your own private pool.

There are also options for private dining and butler services. 

Furthermore, after choosing between those tempting options, there is a world class spa on site.

To elaborate, this spa offers one-four day packages complete with any and all spa treatments you can imagine. 

Couple all of this with a Five-Star dining area offering the freshest local produce in their daily cuisine.

The onsite restaurant is a scrumptious mix of French and Southeast Asian influences.



where to stay in bali


3. The Villas At AYANA Resort


Bring your appetite and prepare to be pampered!

To clarify, this resort is abundantly prepared to satisfy your hunger with Nineteen restaurants and bars.

As a result, you can experience cuisine from any part of the world you wish.

Additionally, you can take on-site cooking lessons to learn how to prepare it yourself.

Not to mention you are able to pick from several dining atmospheres.

Eat dinner on the pier, or maybe you prefer a romantic candlelit meal for two in private with your own personal waiter.

Equally important is the “World’s Best Spa” at the AYANA resort waiting to relieve all of your aches pains and stresses.

Imagine such exotic therapies as, underwater massage, hot shell massage, accompanied by ancient healing remedies.

All of this put into effect in spa villas sitting on top of ocean rocks with the waves crashing all around.

Another key feature is the villa choices.

You may dwell up above the ocean enjoying spectacular sunset views in a Cliff Villa.

Or if you prefer you may lounge at sea level in an Ocean Villa.

Each has authentic Balinese decor and a rich sense of island life with luxurious bathrooms and other amenities. 



where to stay in bali


4. The Edge Bali Villa 


This cliffside gem is full of originality. The villas range from one to five bedroom and all have stunning views of the Indian Ocean. 

Ever been in a glass bottom pool? Now is your chance! 

The Edge features a pool Five Hundred Feet above the ocean with a glass bottom. Look down at your own risk!

Also, the restaurants at the resort have infinity pools.

Dine, swim, enjoy a cocktail and get lost in the panoramic views. 

Not to mention the award-winning on staff chef preparing Southeast Asian Fare with elegant style and excellent flavor. 

Similar to the other resorts, this one too offers spa treatment.

You may choose to be pampered outdoors on the patio or inside with a glass wall viewing the Indian Ocean. 

Almost halfway through your Bali Guide, any idea where you might want to stay? 



where to stay in bali


5. Four Seasons Bali At Sayan


Unique and captivating are the two words that come to mind when describing the Four Seasons. 

Located along the Ayung River in a lush valley this is the ideal location for yoga and meditation enthusiasts. 

As part of the spa and wellness program, world-renowned yoga instructors routinely visit the Four Seasons to hold classes and retreats.

The resort itself is a phenomenal display of art in architecture.

One notable feature is a suspension bridge over the treetops out to a large tranquility pond.

speaking of peaceful, each villa hosts a private plunge pool and meditation area. 

To further explain the wellness aspect of Four Seasons, the spa provides Chakra ceremonies.

This is a holistic healing process to promote spiritual and physical well being.

As for the dining options, you can opt for authentic Indonesian courses or choose from the international room service menu. 

Along with every good holiday experience comes entertainment.

The resort offers Balinese dance performances for the guests to enjoy.



where to stay in bali




6. Samabe Bali Villas


If romance is what you are after, this is the resort for you.

Samabe offers 7 different wedding venue options ranging from the beach to your villa or even poolside overlooking the ocean in the ring of fire.  

The dining options are certain to keep you pleased whether you order in or go enjoy the fine dining on the balcony of the Crystal Blue Ocean grill. 

One dining option that sets this resort aside from the others is the chance to dine inside of a beach cave with an ocean view and a superbly romantic atmosphere.

No matter if it’s a family affair or a private getaway for two this resort is sure to set the mood. 

When it comes to your accommodations, suites, and villas are available for couples, families, and groups. Each has the option of a private pool.


where to stay in bali


7. The Royal Santrain Villa


Relax and enjoy cocktails, it’s your holiday!

Not to mention, this happens to be the perfect resort to unwind and enjoy yourself. 

Of course, the option to stay in your Royal Santrain Villa is always welcomed.

These villas feature a pool, garden, and gazebo all for your private use. 

As a matter of fact, if you choose a royal villa it is complete with an indoor and an outdoor bathroom.

Couple that with a glass-paneled jacuzzi and catered villa dining, there’s no reason to leave your cozy holiday home. 

Unless you would like to enjoy a drink in the Wine Cellar or at the martini bar. 

As for dining options, enjoy a beachside breeze with dinner on the ocean terrace.

Or, fill your bellies with a delightful menu selection from the on-site award-winning restaurant. 

More specifically, if dinner reserved for two is the theme, arrange for a private tropical garden candlelight meal.

Enjoy the secluded exotic environment with your own service staff and a bottle of wine. 



where to stay in bali


8. COMO Shambhala Estate Resort 


Generally speaking, if you are on the lookout for the health and wellness side of Bali life, you will find it here! 

This luxury wellness retreat offers everything you will ever need to live a fuller, cleaner, healthier lifestyle. 

All of this in a remote and peaceful tropical rainforest setting.

The estate’s villas offer such luxury amenities as indoor plunge pools, Japanese water gardens, waterfalls, and infinity pools. 

Not to mention the personal Yoga retreat villa which offers spectacular forest views in a tree house type setting.

This also includes a large sundeck and outdoor bale for your personal Yoga practices. 

Correspondingly, the meals are of peak nutritional value.

The food targets all of the elements to promote a healthy body and mind. 

Not to worry, you will not go hungry with the 24-hour in-room dining option. 

Likewise, the spa offers a vast array of wellness benefits from massage, body therapies, cleanses, and various activities. 

To name a few;

  • Tennis
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Meditation
  • Fitness Training
  • Bicycling
  • Hiking
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Water purification at a Balinese water temple

As a result of this fantastic experience, you can turn your holiday into a life-altering event! All while soaking up the spirit of Bali.



where to stay in bali


9. Vice Roy Bali Resort


Different from the rest would best describe the Vice Roy.

In fact, Readers Choice voted this resort #1 Resort In The World for 2018. 

One unique fact about vice Roy is that it is a Five Star resort but also a rarity because it’s family owned. 

Situated in Bali’s jungle above the Valley of the Kings, this is a secluded treasure for romantics and adventurers alike. 

The infinity pool here features a fountain display along with a swim-up bar and wonderous jungle views.

It is possible you will feel like Tarzan and Jane in the culturally decorated romantic villas here above the canopy.

Continuing with the wild jungle theme, you and your love can take an early trek from your villa to watch the sunrise from a local volcano, Mount Batur. 

Another rare amenity of the Vice Roy is the onsite Helipad.

Guests are able to arrange for an airport or island transfer right from the resort via helicopter! 

Truly a one of a kind luxury experience. 



where to stay in bali


10. Banyan Tree Ungasan


Literally an all in one resort. 

Family friendly, group accommodation, or a romantic private escape, the Banyan Tree has managed to master all dynamics. 

Whether you are celebrating or creating your love, the resort can accommodate. 

The villas can include not only private in-room dining but also romantic flower baths set for two.

How about a couples spa session? Or maybe destination dinner overlooking the sunset behind Uluwatu Temple.

As for the family aspect, spend the day designing authentic Balinese costumes with the kiddos! A lovely souvenir to take home. 

Maybe a quiet day at the resort library or join the Kids Club for some enlightening island learning experiences. 

Last but far from least, dig into the award-winning cuisine! A taste for any hunger can be found at the Banyan. 

That is to say, the menus range from international, French, Japanese, Balinese, or a smoky in room BBQ feast for the whole family. 

Not too hungry? Simply stroll down to the bar and enjoy a cocktail with some light snacks. 

Again, literally something for everyone. Well done Banyan Tree!



where to stay in bali


Now, As For The Question, “Where to Stay in Bali?”


The answer is now yours. So what’s it going to be? 

An oceanside luxury suite, maybe a cliffside garden filled paradise, or are you feeling more like Tarzan and Jane? 

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