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Unexplored Things to Do in Lombok

The more overcrowded popular travel destinations become, the more appealing Lombok becomes as an alternative travel destination. What makes Lombok unique is the fact that it is rare to arrive at the island by airline, or helicopter. Normally, airlines will land in Bali and a connecting high-speed boat ride is used which takes up to four hours. Fortunately, Lombok International Airport has commenced operations on October 1, 2011, allowing a handful of flights to arrive from Bali.

As previously mentioned, there are limitless things to do in Lombok ranging from exploration to relaxation.

If you are searching for a mixture of the both, visiting the Gili Islands is a must. The Gili Islands is composed of 3 islands- Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. This trio of islands can be found in north-western Lombok. Trawangan is favoured the most due to its high demand for Gili divers, undisturbed beaches, and party hotspots followed by Gili Meno and then Gili Air (miniature island).

If you desire to learn more about this trio of historic islands, contact Luxury Bali Tours for more exclusive information.  



Lombok Surf: Prepare For The Ride of Your Life

Do you consider yourself to be a beginner, intermediate, or advanced surfer? Whatever your answer is, Lombok surf has you covered with crowdless locations.

If you are a beginner/intermediate surfer, head to Inside Gerupuk and Outside Gerupuk. The ideal months for surfing here is March-October. The waves are manageable and can reach up to a ride as long as 40 meters.

Desert Point, aka Bangko Bangko, is the surfing spot reserved for skilled surfers. Positioned on the tip of Lombok, accessibility is limited to motorbikes during the dry season (May – October).

Additional favoured surfing destinations such as Mawi, Dom-Dom’s, Ekas Bay, and Senggigi offer shallow waves assuring an enjoyable time for first-time surfers.



See the Unseen Nature

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and aren’t afraid of physical exercise, Lombok is the destination for you. Here are the top 4 trekking opportunities geared towards leisure and/or adventure.


1. Bukit Merese Hill

20 minutes east of Kuta lies Merese Hill. If you are looking to hike somewhere with a valuable reward, in the end, Merese Hill is for you. At the end of the hike, you will witness the most breathtaking sunset in Lombok.

If you are an amateur trekker, choose Merese Hill as your first conquer as the hike requires a minimum level of physical fitness.


2. Mount Rinjani

Known as the second highest mountain in Lombok with a height of 3,726 meters, you will need to set aside 3 days to complete this hike. Don’t forget to pack the essentials- water, gloves, hiking shoes, and sunscreen.

This trek allows for the development of a strong bond with your companion and is the perfect activity for company retreats or couples.

3. Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Tiu Kelep can be found in the village Senaru (north of Lombok). Trekking to Tiu Kelep takes 30 minutes on average.

The sight is absolutely breathtaking with vines covering the rock walls and seeing your reflection in the crystal clear blue water.

4. Aik Kalak Hot Springs

Aik Kalak (“boiling water”) is where locals and tourists come to bathe in warm water surrounded by beautiful nature or perform spiritual rituals.

The temperature is what provides the rarity to Aik Kalak due to its positioning on the highland making the hot springs warm and cold simultaneously.

Aik Kalak Hot Springs

Kuta Beach Lombok: Keep Calm and Just Keep Swimming

Located south of Lombok, the white sand and lush greenery leading to the turquoise water at Kuta Beach Lombok form an invaluable image.

Imagine going back in time to Bali a decade ago. That’s what Kuta Beach Lombok is. It’s travelling back in time to see the wonders of the underwater world.

Surrounding the beach are a handful of storefronts and shops along with a variety of delectable local restaurants to choose from.

Step into History in Lombok

Did you know mass tourism is unheard of in Lombok?

As previously mentioned, popular travel destinations such as Cuba, Mexico, or the Dominican Republic are commercialized due to the large influx of tourists they receive annually.

For example, statistics show that the Dominican Republic alone accounted for 21% of Caribbean tourism in 2017 and numbers are expected to rise more in 2019.

With that being said, don’t you want to experience a real getaway that doesn’t exist in some people’s’ minds, let alone travel agents?

Aside from surfing and trekking up tricky mountains, here is an in-depth list of exceptional things to do in Lombok.


1. Camping at Lake Segara Anak

Found in the Rinjani Caldera, this lake is surrounded by luscious vegetation making it a fabulous camping site.

At night, you can see the countless number of stars in the boundless sky as the lake has little to no pollution.

2. Experiencing a Sasaknese Massage

Unlike other massages, this traditional, Indonesian massage is focused on pressure points. What differentiates this massage from a regular deep tissue massage is the pain level.

If you have a high pain tolerance, trying this traditional Sasaknese massage is a must.

Traditional Sasaknese Massage


3. Tasting Local Delicacies

When you are deciding on restaurants to dine at, choose the ones that serve traditional Lombok meals such as the following:

  • Sate Rembiga (spicy beef slow-cooked over a fire)
  • Plecing kangkung (spicy spinach dish)
  • Nasi Puyung (white rice wrapped in delicate banana leaves)
  • Ayam Taliwang (spicy grilled chicken)

Local Delicacy


4. Educate Yourself about Pearl Farming

Were you aware that the two largest exports of Lombok are pearls and pumice?

Millions of dollars are yielded yearly solely from pearl farms as Indonesians have developed a covert concept with the Japanese of growing pearls inside oysters.

One of the most famous pearl farms in Lombok is Autore Pearl Farm. Viewing the origin of baby oysters to seeing how they are harvested is extremely detailed work and lengthier than one would expect.

Pearl Farm Tour


5. Partake in a Local Pottery Class

There are plentiful locations in Lombok dedicated to pottery production with the oldest being Penujak Village.

In this village, you are given the opportunity to witness the creation of pottery to the firing and glazing of the vividly decorated pottery.

Pottery Class

6. Splashing in Narmada Water Park

Have you ever been to a historical water park built in 1727 by a King? (Probably not.)

In Lombok, the Narmada Water Park was constructed by the kings of Mataram – King Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Karang Asem. Originally, the water park was utilized as a spiritualistic retreat for Hindus.

Hindu Priest at Narmada Water Park

7. Visit Tetebatu Village

If you desire to learn more about the native people of Lombok (known as the ‘Sasak’) and their culture, this village is a story in itself with the historic infrastructures.

Traditional techniques geared towards arts and handicrafts are found here by skilled Sasaks.


8. Travel to Gunung Tunak National Park

In this national park are many trails including a specialized 3 km hike leading to a historic lighthouse on the cliff.

When entering the national park, the first sight you run into is the butterfly sanctuary. In February, the population of butterflies increases which makes it the perfect time to explore feeling like a fairytale encounter.  


Gunung Tunak National Park

Calling All Animal Lovers

In summary, so far trekking destinations, unusual things to do in Lombok, and surfing have all been covered.The missing element is the exotic animals.

If you are a monkey lover, the legendary Pusuk Monkey forest is essential. The Monkey Forest is a natural habitat to tame grey monkeys, also known as ‘macaque’. To get here, you will need to pass through a long winding road covered by opulent tropics.

If you plan on visiting, bring extra food with you as the monkeys like to be fed.


If you aren’t quite a monkey lover, and you admire bigger animals, Lombok Elephant Park is your true home.

Recently developed, this park has become a sanctuary for elephants where different programs are hosted such as “Elephant Meet and Greets” and safari rides. Additionally, you are also given the opportunity to bathe the elephants.

Interestingly enough, more than elephants can be found here! A few birds (cockatoos and parrots) and monkeys are also present.


You can see that there are plentiful experiences and things to do in Lombok to participate in suiting any individual whether you classify yourself as an exotic animal lover, treacherous trekker, or spiritualistic meditator. Lombok has it all.

Just be aware of one thing- you will not want to leave this natural bliss of paradise. There is a high risk in becoming a local, quitting your job, and moving your life to Lombok

So, are you ready to take a step into paradise and feel the surrounding magic encompass you?

Luxury Bali Tours is waiting to heighten your interest even more. Please contact us for insightful information regarding Lombok and what else it has to offer!

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