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Team Building Retreat Itinerary Lombok

Welcome to Lombok – They also call it ‘The new Bali’

Silakhan to Lombok. Welcome to the island of the 1000 mosques. Lombok is known as ‘the new Bali’. With it’s authentic scenery, amazingly infrastructure and perfectly tarred sreets, Lombok makes it too easy to get around the island and enjoy one of the beautiful white sandy beaches. There are many white sandy beaches, and many ‘Gili’ islands to choose from, where you could enjoy your corporate getaway. 

In this sample itinerary, we focus on the North West of Lombok, on areas such as Sengiggi, Sire and of course, on the trio of the most popular Gili Islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.  

After we have picked you up from the airport and escorted you to your hotel or resort, we will start off slowly with some icebreaker activties at the beach to get your group warmed up. Read a more detailed itinerary below of how your company retreat could look like. 



Firstly, we look at dividing a bigger group into smaller ones if needed in order to encourage invovlemnet from each participant. We want to break the ice, everyone should feel comfortable with each other for the next few days. It sounds simple, but those activities are the most important ones of the entire retreat. We must get it right in order to assure a few successful days ahead!

Some Games of Ice Breaking

  1. Executive Dance
  2. Tralala Dance
  3. Haik Ku yuk
  4. Yel Yel Competition

Duration approx: 45 Minutes



The circuit games will be played in rotation in order to create a competitive feeling which will result in an atmosphere of fun, familiarity and increased enthusiasm. Those games provide the opportunity to practise time management, being time efficient build concentration and stay focused and much more. 

  1. Turtle Egg Hunting (Build Concentration, Communication & Trust)
  2. Everyone Onboard (Build Empathy And Togetherness)
  3. Water Transfer (Build Spirit And A Never Give Up Attitude)
  4. Bamboo Bridge Game (Strategy And Problem Solving)



  1. Great Waiters (Build Togetherness And A Never Give Up Attitude)
  2. Ane Bilang (High Concentration Needed)
  3. Final Project 


Closing and Debriefing (announcing the top teams who have created the best team spirits and who have performed best regarding timing)

Duration: 15 Minutes

Inclusions: Game master, sound system, facilitator, game equipments & medical kit

What’s best to wear? Casual polo t-shirt / shirt, shoes, wet sandals, shorts, hat, comfortable throusers (no jeans).


Kindly note: The above suggested games are only examples and will be adjusted to your needs, based on the age range, the size of group and the participant’s positions within the company itself. 


Countryside Cooking Challenge & Rafting Mission

On day two we will kick off with our first full day programme. Be challenged to buy as many vegetables as possible with a small amount of money you have been given. Haggle your way around the local and art market and make sure you buy enough food for the entire team.

After that (hopefully you’ll have some money left), you are challenged to find and negotiate with the local transport in orer to get to the next post where you need to solve a few more problems and find more clues to get to different destinations… 

Arriving at the countryside, you will have your cooking stations waiting for you. Compete with your team in a cooking challenge and eventually decide which team will be the winner of the day through the finaly rafting competition!

Day 3

Pottery, Sarungs & Paintings

After a few warm up activities and quizzes at the hotel we will move onto the villages and start another day full of challenges and team buidling activities! You will be challenged to create your own pottery in a certain amount of time. A few other clues have to be found in the villages before heading off to the weaving village where you will learn how to weave your own sarung! 

We will then move on to the most stunning beaches of Lombok, Selong Belanak Beach, Kuta Beach, and Mawun Beach. Here you will be asked to sketch several sights and really take in the scenery. We will enjoy our locally cooked meals along the way and play some more games at the beaches. 

After your three days of team buidling activties, you have the option to extend your tropical getaway with a few days of beach holiday, snorkelling, scuba diving, horse riding, waterfall excursion or anything else your heard may wish for.

Be sure to take in those massages before you head back to the office!

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