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Have you been dreaming of white sandy beaches, exotic jungles, and luxury suites?

Bali is waiting to make those dreams a reality. Luxury Bali Tours is here to provide the best luxury travel service and to take you to paradise. The Island of the Gods has everything you are searching for, and more. 

We assure that you enjoy the full benefits of a luxury holiday and leave no stone unturned or beach unexplored which you are meant to discover.

Our packages are tailor made for your individual desires. Let’s have a conversation, tell us about your desires, dreams and wishes, and we will take you there.  

Discover Unlimited Beauty

Top Destinations

Travel First Class – At all times. 

Here are just a few examples of Bali’s ‘first travel’ attractions and activities.

  • Whitewater raft down Balinese rivers
  • Cliff dive from Panoramic Point
  • Discover private waterfalls
  • Set foot on secret beaches bask in the tropical sun
  • Tour ancient temples experience the spirit of the island
  • Indulge, connect, and rejuvenate at a wellness retreat
  • Dive into the depths in unique snorkeling areas
  • Watch the sunrise from the top of an ancient volcano
  • Take a jungle safari tour, walk on the wild side
  • Visit the local coffee plantation, taste the flavors of the island
  • Stroll art markets, attend theatre performances, absorb true Balinese culture at its finest
  • Fly high and view the islands from a helicopter
  • First travel through tropical rainforests & then take a bath with elephants
  • Focus on your fitness at a wellness retreat
  • Relax & enjoy a Yoga and meditation retreat
  • Hide on a secluded beach (and never return?!) OR return after some time
  • Swim with Manta Rays or scuba dive with Hammerhead Sharks

Your Experience

Experience YOUR Magical Moments 

Bali has an extensive list of things to see and do. We can show you some of the most unseen sights and undiscovered natural wonders. Bali is home to thousands of ancient temples, dozens of hidden beaches, and an uncountable amount of waterfalls.

Not to mention, the island has some of the most sought-after spa treatments in the world. All of this and so much more waiting for you to explore and indulge. Luxury Bali Tours works with local guides and drivers to help you navigate the island as a well-informed traveler. 

All while accommodating you in the most luxurious resorts the island has to offer. We will tempt your taste buds with authentic island foods and international restaurants.

Each day a new and incredible discovery, every experience a memory made, and all you have to do is enjoy it.

A Look Inside The World

Luxury Bali Tours Sample Packages

The named attractions above could be included or excluded in any of our packages. This is your time out, therefore, you will receive the best travel service possible, our tours are custom made to fit your individual needs.

The sample itineraries on this website are listed for your inspiration to help spark the imagination of what your holiday could look like. Please note that we only do package deals. We like to take care of our customers from the moment you step outside the plane to the moment you return home, therefore, we only offer full-service packages (excl. flights). 

Let us know which options are of your interest and we will create your unique first-class escape! 

Planning Your Ideal Escape With Luxury Bali Tours – Your Trusted Luxury Travel Service

We understand how precious your time is. 

This is why we want to remove the stress of planning your amazing holiday. After all, the secret to an incredible getaway is being carefree and knowing your every need is fulfilled. Allow us to help you get away from everyday life and leave your cares behind. Simply leave the details to us, everything you are looking for, we will provide.

Enjoy the idea of a worry-free Bali holiday while we take care of the how, when, and where. From guides to drivers we have you covered. Discover how to maximize your experience by saving time and energy on arrangements.  

Share your desires with us and we will turn them into reality. 

Imagine waking up in a five-star luxury resort with all the comforts of home and a breakfast delivered to your private poolside patio. Once you finished enjoying a relaxing morning, you can take your pick from a huge list of Bali attractions and activities to experience. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to advising on island hotspots and places you are sure to enjoy. You can choose to be guided on your daily adventures or decide to discover and explore on your own with a driver at your service.

How about an afternoon being pampered from head to toe at a world-class spa? Bali is home to a long list of premium and elite spas and we can introduce you to the top ones on the list. 

Speaking of premium, Bali is bordered by some of the best beaches in the world. Whether you are looking for a sunset stroll or an afternoon sunbathe you will find it here. The inner parts of the island are equally as impressive with exotic animals. An astounding fifteen hundred tropical species of birds call Bali home and many can be seen in the jungles. Take a hike through lush colorful jungles and take a swim in a remote waterfall pool. If it’s an adventure you seek we will make you find it. 

From the mountains to the sea Bali is an incredible place for your journey. 

Enjoy the laid back island life. The limitless possibilities for your holiday itinerary are all waiting for you to select, the time is now to take advantage of the best travel service you can get. 

More Places


Nusa Dua

Gili Islands

Gili Trawangan
Gili Air
Gili Meno


Gili Nanggu

Nusa Islands

Nusa Penida
Nusa Lembongan
Nusa Ceningan

Describe Your Ideal Island Holiday 


  • Types of cuisine you prefer
  • The atmosphere, is romance in the air?  
  • Are youngsters looking to be entertained?
  • Setting; seaside cave, lush tropical gardens, or maybe a trendy city life vibe… the list goes on 
  • Are health and fitness the name of your game? 


  • Which Bali attractions intrigue you the most? 
  • Are you a culture junkie who is tantalized by the arts?
  • Do religion and history fascinate you?
  • Is mother nature your best friend?


  • Would you like to explore or relax?
  • Are you more of a land animal or a sea creature?
  • Does the thought of physical activity get your heart pumping? 
  • Is your definition of “holiday“ lounging on a beach and indulging at the spa? Or maybe both?


  • Are you dreaming about luxury villas or hotels?
  • Does the phrase “tree-top villas” sound as close to heaven as you’ll ever get? 
  • Would a beach-front resort tickle your fancy? 
  • Do the words “on-site”  or “private beach” bring a smile to your face?

What’s Included?

We only offer full packaged services (excl. flights)

  • A custom built itinerary assembled just for you, carefully planned and detailed by your input combined with our knowledge and Bali expertise 
  • VIP fast-tracking at the airport
  • Accommodations beaming with amenities to suit your every desire
  • Transportation arrangements for all of your island destinations and exploration 
  • All of the free time you wish with the option for guided tours and organized activities
  • Recommendations for popular island outings and the more untouched Bali experiences
  • Dine and mingle with the locals or take a cooking class and learn to prepare the meals yourself
  • We are ready to help you prepare for your trip with expert insider information on everything from what to pack, how to tip, and many other aspects of your travels
  • A Bali specialist on hand to answer your questions and concerns at your convenience, 24/7
  • Emergency assistance 24/7

Package Choices

As you scroll through our package options and tentative pricing guide, please remember that everything listed is adjustable and interchangeable to suit your needs and desires.  

That being said, let’s explore some holiday package ideas! 

Classic Trips

A simply delightful and affordable option for anyone seeking a low key island experience 

  • Our classic trips offer a wide variety of cozy 4* hotels and villas
  • An extensive list of activities and attractions (both guided and independent)
  • Expert advice and experienced drivers to get you where you want to go


Prices start at $400 – $1000 per person per day and vary accordingly 

Boutique Trips

This lovely travel option kicks things up a notch by exploring some of the more extravagant island accommodations

  • Experience everything a classic trip offers with a touch more pampering and pizazz
  • Including stays at a mix of breathtaking 4* & 5* villas and resorts, you won’t believe what Bali has in store for you
  • Choose to be guided on your island adventures or explore on your own 
  • Enjoy prearranged transportation to and from each stop on your itinerary 

Prices start at $1500 – $2500 per person per day and will fluctuate depending on activity and accommodation choices

Luxury Trips

An exquisite way to spend any holiday is living the life of lavish luxury – unique experiences are your choice

  • Our Luxury Trips feature the absolute best Bali has to offer
  • Including stays at Bali’s most incredible 5*+ luxury hotels and resorts, prepare to be pampered
  • Private guided tours and exclusive experiences, explore Bali’s secret side
  • First-class chauffeured travel between all your destinations 
Prices start at $3000+ per person per day and will change appropriately with option choices 

Book Your Holiday With Luxury Bali Tours Today

Holiday Planner Tailoring Deposit 

This holiday planner deposit secures your place with our companies top itinerary designers. Essentially allowing us to put together your dream vacation with no details left unattended to.  Due to the wide variety of package options, the deposit will vary depending on how many days you plan to visit. The deposit will also go towards the final fee for your deluxe holiday.

 Thank you in advance for understanding the value of your bespoke holiday and the time it takes to arrange it.

 As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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