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Have a look at the most popular Bali tour packages, which showcases sample Bali itineraries, including The Gili Islands and Nusa Islands as well as unique itineraries for Lombok. 

Of course, all our itineraries will be 100% customized, according to your personal needs. These sample itineraries are partially from previous travelers, who reported back to have had the time of their life with us. 

Please understand that some of the places we will bring you to are off the beaten track and some tours are exclusively offered by Luxury Bali Tours ONLY. This means you won’t be able to find those trips through any other operator in Bali. 

Thank you for your kind understanding in advance, that we are not able to expose all the secrets on our website and require a personal request from your side to reveal more information on that. 

Bali Explorer

Experience the very best of Bali with this special ‘Explorer package’.

This trip combines the best handpicked Balinese highlights around the island in unrivaled style.

Mix your luxurious holiday with diving into the real Balinese culture, get active in the most surreal locations and be able to relax at the same time in one of our partner’s luxurious resorts. 

Let us show you the untouristy & untouched spots in Bali (yes, they still exist, they are just really hard to find!)


Nusa Penida

This package is the perfect getaway for anyone wishing to explore the beautiful island of Nusa Penida. Arrive in style via helicopter and combine your transfer with a scenic ride above Bali, the Gili Islands and the Nusa Islands. 

These secluded islands combine beautiful beaches, high coastal cliffs and untouched nature you didn’t know existed.

Swim with Manta Rays and swim in the most beautiful and colorful reefs the islands have to offer!


Gili Islands & Lombok

This package offers you an unforgettable island getaway to the tiny islands of Gili and the little bigger island of Lombok. This is the most popular Lombok packages on the market and our bestseller. 

Our activities are being offered exclusively by us, you won’t be able to find those experiences with any other company. Dive deep into Lombok’s culture, which is very different to Bali, have lunch with the locals, visit a local school and relax on the white sandy beaches.


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