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Luxury Escapes Bali

The Island of Gods


With its picturesque mountains and rice fields, breathtaking beaches, good-hearted people, and marine biodiversity, Bali won’t disappoint you and is truly the idyllic, exotic getaway whether you are a solo traveler, honeymooner, or family.

Introducing Bali

Bali holds a special place on many a vacationer’s bucket lists of phenomenal places to visit.

We adore Bali for its vibrant culture, friendly natives, serene beaches, exciting nightlife, and awe-inspiring landmarks. Bali truly does have something to offer to capture every traveler’s interest, especially those who are interested in luxury escapes in Bali.





Building Memories With Your Personalized Bali Itinerary

Spending your captivating days laying out here on the luxurious beaches or at the resorts, or satisfying your craving for excitement on the water or among the many trendy restaurants and bars.

Nusa Dua

If you’re looking for an unparalleled experience in luxury, look no further than Nusa Dua. This region of Bali is well-known for its extravagant five-star resorts but is also lacking in the culture that the rest of Bali offers.

In addition to incredible spa experiences, exquisite restaurants, and pristine beaches, you can enjoy some unique sights and activities not to be found elsewhere on the island. Nusa Dua is the ideal location for extravagant luxury escapes in Bali.

Many of the resorts have incredible comprehensive packages compared to those offered in other parts of Bali, and you’ll be able to find something fun to do for everyone.


Enjoy a game of golf on a beautiful green course with views of the ocean. Ride a horse on the beach in the afternoon. Walk on the seafloor and give fish snacks to eat on your underwater stroll.

Or test out the newest fad in Nusa Dua, and go flyboarding. Feel like a superhero when you strap on boots that connect to a water pressure system which jet propels you out of the water and into the clouds.

If you love live performances, definitely stop by the Devdan Show, the main attraction in Nusa Dua.

Cultural dance performers showcase not only Balinese dances, but also traditional dances of cultures from all over Indonesia.


Seminyak is considered one of the most fashionable regions of Bali, with high-end resorts, restaurants, and nightlife.

Kuta may have a plethora of activities to do, but Seminyak gives you the chance to escape the crowds, relax, and enjoy the beauty of Bali in style and luxury.

If you’re hoping to begin a well-deserved break on the beach, cocktail in hand, spend a gorgeous lazy day at one of Seminyak’s resorts, like Potato Head Beach Club.

Here, you can let time stop and soak in the sun on a giant bean bag on the beach or splash around in the infinity pool.. the choice is yours. If you desire a little more indulgence, check out one of Seminyak’s many incredible spas. No matter what your desire is, we will customize your Bali itinerary according to your needs. 

Unwind and melt into bliss while experiencing exclusive spa treatments, massages, and head-to-toe pampering in a stress-free sanctuary.

While you’re here in Seminyak, don’t miss the opportunity to slip into a yoga studio. In these gorgeous island tropics, there is an environment to align every heart and soul.

Strengthen your meditation to the sounds of the jungle birds and rain pattering, or feel the wind through your hair on a rooftop setting with ocean views and lush jungle gardens all around you. Even if you’ve never tried yoga before, Bali is the place to clear away your busy thoughts in exchange for peace and calm.

For the adventurers at heart, get certified in scuba diving and spend some time below the waves admiring an incredible array of tropical marine life. Soak in amazing glimpses of bright fish, octopi, and vibrant coral reefs in the crystal blue waters. For a more romantic experience, horseback riding on the beach is popular right around sunset.

Seminyak is filled with little delights, whether you’re craving a charismatic cup of coffee from Revolver, a local favorite, or looking to fill up some empty space on your wall with unique contemporary art showcased at Nyaman Gallery. Just a short walk away from the town center, you can capture a more traditional insight to Balinese ancient culture.

Be sure to visit two of Seminyak’s significant landmarks, Pura Petitenget, temple of the sea, and Pura Masceti, temple of agriculture. Filled with shrines and intricate carvings, these temples are centuries old and provide spiritual protection for the island and its inhabitants.


Considered the island’s nightlife hub, Kuta is a very popular beach resort area in Bali with a laid-back vibe. Kick off your shoes at Kuta Beach, and bask in the glittering golden white sands while enjoying the sunset.

Here in Kuta, you’ll find many activities that kids and adults will enjoy. 

Splash around at Waterbom, Asia’s number one water park, where you will find thrilling water slides surrounded by lush jungle gardens.

If you enjoy quirky family fun, perhaps on a rainy day, Dream Museum Zone Bali offers massive unique 3D trick art murals that serve as silly backdrops for family photoshoots you can take home with you.

Upside Down World Bali is another fun indoor space to escape the tropical storms where the furniture in every room defies the laws of gravity so you can capture impossible pictures.

For an adventure to impress thrillseekers, take to the sea or the air, and enjoy spectacular views you can only find in Bali. Enjoy a fantastic voyage under the sea to spot some of Bali’s exotic marine life in a submarine. You’ll bask in the beauty of colorful coral reefs, stunning fish and an exciting fish feeding attraction before heading back to land.

For an exhilarating experience to push your boundaries, take to the air and see Bali as the gods see it: ride in a helicopter to get an unparalleled view of the island. Witness the pristine gold coastline, ancient temples, sparkling blue-green lakes, and spectacular volcanoes from above.

Eating in Bali can be as delightfully simple as a traditional meal at a warung, a small family restaurant, or as luxurious as a feast fit for kings… literally. Some of the best-loved eateries around Kuta for traditional food are Warung Murah, boasting a plethora of options from their buffet, and Warung Nikmat, a traditional restaurant best loved for its chicken dishes in traditional spices, steaming rice, and freshly cooked vegetables.

Wanaku Bali is an excellent choice for a unique dining experience for you and your family. Enjoy delicious food in a luxurious jungle setting with splashing waterfalls and gorgeous tropical gardens to complement your dinner. If you fancy a chance to eat like Balinese kings and queens of traditional times, Gabah Restaurant and Bar has a menu especially for you. Feast on a sumptuous, aromatic spread of soups, meats, seafood, rice dishes, vegetables, and desserts while enjoying traditional Balinese music in an ornate dining area.

When the sun begins to set, adults can play at some of the most exciting spots in Kuta. Sip on delicious cocktails while taking in a gorgeous view of the ocean at Sky Garden Lounge, the largest nightclub in Kuta with music pulsing over the club’s many floors, featuring some of the world’s greatest DJs.



We recommend spending some time in Canggu, as it is one of the most beloved spots in Bali.

This little town is lighter in tourist traffic but a must-see for its creative, hipster vibes surrounded by vibrant green rice fields and an amazing collection of shops, restaurants, and yoga studios.

Canggu is rich in instagrammable photo ops of their adorable decorated markets and bazaars, such as La Laguna Gypsy Market, or Love Anchor.

Each market boasts a vast range of unique handmade products, from clothing and accessories to spices and coffee, so you can take a little piece of Bali home with you.

The Organic Sunday Market is a local farmer’s market where you can try fresh juices, hand-picked fruits and vegetables, and listen to live music.

One view in Canggu you won’t want to miss is Pura Tanah Lot Temple, a breathtaking religious site on top of a craggy rock formation overlooking the ocean. The locals come here to worship the Balinese sea gods. At sunset, the brilliant blue waters turn to shimmering gold, leaving you with an unforgettable memory.

If surfing is your game, Canggu offers some of the best surfing in Bali from May through September at a number of beaches for all levels of surfers. If you’re new, take a class while you’re here and check one more item off your bucket list. Or you can play on the sand at some of Canggu’s inviting beaches: Batu Bolong, Echo, and Berawa. Chill out on bean bags in the sun at a beach bar and enjoy sipping on tropical drinks into the sunset.

We hope you’re hungry when you get to Canggu because it’s famous for its abundance of scrumptious eats with 311 restaurants and cafes and counting. Canggu has some of the best hipster cafes, smoothie bars, and cuisine from all over the map, including Italian, Thai, Japanese, Vegan, Vietnamese, and Indonesian culinary delights.

Ubud Tour

Ubud is famous in Bali as a spiritual center filled with ancient temples, rice paddies, and yoga retreats.

Many of the island’s revered temples are located in Ubud, and they are well worth a visit. Goa Gajah, the “Elephant Cave” dates back to the 11th Century and contains sacred idols.

The serene site is surrounded by verdant rice fields and two streams on either side. 

Explore our Ubud tour. Yeh Pulu Temple, a 45-minute walk from Goa Gajah, shares the emerald greenery and gushing streams. You will find a gorgeous rock wall intricately carved depicting the stories of Hindu gods. Just north of the site is a sacred bathing pool used in ancient times. Puri Saren Agung, the Royal Ubud Palace, is in the center of Ubud and an incredible collection of architecture and lotus ponds surrounded by lush jungle.

If you are looking to spend some time being part of the tradition, be sure to visit Tirta Empul Temple, a complex temple with three courtyards and tropical gardens. Here, pilgrims are welcomed to join in a purification bath of holy spring water.

After spending some time at the historic, beautiful temples, there are many unique activities to bring you just a bit closer to the unique experience of Balinese culture. Browse through the art galleries in Ubud, or sign up for a class to create your very own piece of Batik art. Take a cooking class and learn how to combine ancient spices and fresh meats and vegetables for a delicious learning experience.

Some of the best yoga retreats can be found in Ubud as well, and we can help you find the best kind of yoga experience for you.

Ubud offers sites for those hoping to engage more with the incredible natural landscape to discover one’s inner zen. The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is a fun place to interact with the furry inhabitants of Bali and breathe in the fresh air from the great jungle trees.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall is a hidden gem in Bali, a gorgeous waterfall tucked away in a jungle landscape inside a cave. It may take a careful hike to visit, but it’s well worth the trek. For those natural lovers hoping to live life on the edge, check out white water river rafting at Ayung River.

East Bali

East Bali is an understated region of Bali that is filled with small beach towns and fishing villages.

It has a much more quiet pace of life with fewer crowds.

However, it is filled with pockets of natural beauty. Mount Agung is the island’s tallest mountain, and it is a popular day trip to hike up to the top. It makes for an incredible sunrise with breathtaking views of the island.

For a more relaxing, quiet beach experience, Pasir Putih is a must-visit for its beautiful 400 meters of white sand and sparkling turquoise waters. It’s light in tourist traffic, which makes it a calm and peaceful escape from the bustling city vibes.

East Bali is also known for some of the best diving and snorkeling locations in Bali. On this side of the island and near the smaller islands offshore, you can see a vast array of marine life rich in colorful creatures on the seafloor and among the coral, and larger fish such as baracuda nestled in rocks.

Reef sharks and manta rays also make an appearance here in these clear, amazing waters bursting with a rainbow of life.

For a deeper, more mysterious experience in Bali, spend some time at Goa Lawah, also known as the “Bat Cave.” This mystical spot is one of Bali’s most sacred temples, and it is rumored to touch the roots of the Gunung Agung volcano. Thousands of bats take shelter within this intricately carved temple, and at sunset, the dark splattering of wings pouring into the sky makes an impressive sight.

Another incredible visit is Lempuyang Temple. It is one of the island’s oldest and most beautiful. Stand between the gorgeously carved temple gates and spread your arms wide to miles of clouds and sky before you.

Be one with the natural beauty and serenity of the island. This temple is rarely crowded, and takes some effort to get here with a journey of 1,700 steps to the top.

However, the trip is well worth the effort as this is an impressive feat with the promise of incredible panoramic views of the island. If you can, try to get here before sunrise so you can watch the golden rays softly awaken the sparkling sea.

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No Distance Is too Far

In summary, Bali has a rich, contemporary culture that mankind needs to witness. With homemade crafts, traditional dances, modern art, and admirable adherence to religion, this utopia remains a happy place for locals, foreigners, and tourists.

If you are ready to take a break from your busy life and jet off to a relaxing island getaway where mass tourism is not evident, contact Luxury Bali Tours today to secure your personalized itinerary. 


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