Share a romantic adventure on the island of the gods. Trek up an active volcano and sit in awe with your love as you watch the first rays of sun kiss the clouds from the top of Mt Batur. Go through streams of beautiful landscape and relax in a natural hot spring to commemorate an achievement that many only dream of as a couple. Celebrate your bond by sitting in a love nest overlooking terraces of rice paddies sipping afternoon cocktails. Take a stroll through ancient and sacred temples, discover Indonesian culture all while holding hands and filling hearts.

Whether you want to experience the adventure of a lifetime or be pampered in a spa by the beach, we are here to serve you. It’s your honeymoon, let our knowledge of the island build you the perfect holiday to start your journey and new life together. Our packages are tailor-made, and include some of the best luxury villas, resorts and wellness retreats in Bali. Whether you wish to be by the sea or in the verdant cities of Bali, our professional tour guides will take care of all of the reservations and transportation. We will take care of every aspect of your trip so that you and your partner can have a once in a lifetime experience celebrating your love.

Whatever you want to experience on your honeymoon, whether it’s snorkeling with Manta rays, exploring Gilli Islands on a bicycle, visiting a Kopi Luwak Coffee Plantation, catching the sunset off the coastal cliffs of Nusa Penida or deep sea diving with the local marine life, let us help you create memories that will last forever.

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