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Are you on the hunt for a high-class travel agent who knows the ins and outs of planning the perfect itinerary, suitable to your tastes?

Or, perhaps you are searching for a company that is directly connected with the locals creating unique connections no other company can offer?

With choosing Luxury Bali Tours as your travel agent, we realize you are entrusting your entire trip to us. With that being said, we aim to please our clients and ensure customer retention is our mission. 

Because We Care

Routine services can be expected in addition to a rare, personable atmosphere making every step of the journey comfortable for yourself.

Does this sound like something you are interested in exploring further? If so, you can contact us today if your desire is to feel exclusive within an authentic company aiming to exceed your expectations in the travel and tourism industry.

What Is A Travel Agent?

While we are sure you know what the average travel agent does, we would love to share a list of duties we are able to execute in an efficient manner, always having you, our customer as a priority in mind, with the aim to serve you in our highest interest. 


For example, here is a list of some of the duties our travel agent is anticipated to fulfill:


  • Recommending to clients our best options when it comes to accommodation, transportation, restaurants and activities
  • Advising customers information pertaining to the destination they are traveling such as customs, traditions, language, and recommended safety procedures
  • Maintaining modernity when recommending the most popular travel destinations
  • Staying attentive to any client concerns that may arise as well as unexpected inconveniences such as delayed/missed flights or hotel reservations
  • Cultivating a strong, customer relationship by being aware of their past travel history, preferences, and special requests

Think back to your past travel history regarding the entire experience from booking the initial appointment with your travel agent to your time spent on vacation and any excursions you participated in

Was there anything you would change? Perhaps, your concerns and special needs were overlooked?

With Luxury Bali Tours serving you as your travel agent and tour operator, we ensure your entire experience from day one is superlative.

Contact Luxury Bali Tours today and share with us your preferred travel style- family, explorer, couple, or corporate retreat.

Book With An Independent Travel Agent

Experience YOUR Magical Moments 

As mentioned, Luxury Bali Tours is an independent travel agent meaning we don’t answer to anyone but ourselves. Our freedom when it comes to booking vacations is more extended than a normalized travel agency which works out more in your favor.

When it comes to Indonesia, we are complete experts concerning culture, traditions, proper attire, and snorkeling spots.

Let’s take a deeper look into what you can expect when choosing Luxury Bali Tours as your travel agent.

Everyone who works at Luxury Bali Tours is expected to work towards being the best he/she can possibly be at the tasks he/she is accountable for. When he/ she can’t do that, he/she should act like this, until he/she gets around to it. And if he/she is unwilling to act like this, he/she should leave. 

This business used to be a place where everything we knew how to do was tested by what we don’t know how to do, and that conflict between the two is what creates growth, what creates meaning. 

The idea we have about this business comes down to one essential notion. Our business is like a martial arts practice hall, a dojo, a place you go to practice being the best you can be. But the true combat in a dojo is not between one person and another as most people believe it to be. The true combat in a martial arts practice hall is between the people within ourselves. 

We are people who wanted something more than just a job- and this became Luxury Bali Tours. 



To provide an example, when you choose Bali as your travel destination, you can expect to swim with tropical marine life, trek the most active, treacherous volcanoes and mountains, and join a helicopter tour to receive a breathtaking, aerial view of Indonesia.

Our itineraries range from a minimum of 3 days, the sky is the limit. 

Our handpicked expeditions range anywhere from mountain biking to swimming in secretive waterfalls and white water rafting to name a few. 

Personalized Itineraries

We are the ONLY travel company in Bali who offers REAL and AUTHENTIC local insights activities, which are not set up for tourist but are as real as it gets meaning. 

We will take you to our friend’s house to share lunch with the locals. We will take you to our friend’s kids schools. 

Or, we will take you to the newly built eco school which has been created to teach local kids about everything they need to know in order to keep this planet clean. 

Maybe you are interested in charity and entrepreneurship at the same time? We will bring you to a place where you can share your latest learning (from your business) and teach it to the local kids!

Putting the Clients’ Needs and Desires First


We have a proven track record when it comes to honoring clients and their preferences and special requests. That is what makes us a renowned, independent travel agency.

Do you want it? We got it. What makes Luxury Bali Tours unique is the fact that all our recommendations we offer to clients have been tried by us. We don’t like to recommend accommodations or excursions if we haven’t tried them ourselves.

This aids in perfectly matching our customers’ personality traits and desires with our diverse range of lodging or excursion options.



From a unique yoga retreat – to an exclusive for you set up chef’s table experience. Your wish is our command. 

Our aim is to create a comfortable environment for our clients ensuring our customer satisfaction process is optimized every step of the way. That way, we are able to provide exceptional customer service with little miscommunication mishaps as possible.

Personable Experience

Our partner’s chefs are honored to present an interactive dining experience with this eight-course tasting menu, prepared exclusively for you. Savor the wonderful flavors and aromas of Balinese cuisine cooked right in front of you at an open kitchen. Pick the chef’s brain on local ingredients and customs, and enjoy an intimate dinner of dishes normally prepared only for big ceremonies.

Highlights could include Ubud’s famous babi guling suckling pig marinated with base genep thousand spice paste and spit-roasted for four hours and bebek betutu whole duck slow-roasted for 12 hours in a traditional underground clay pot oven. 

Your Renowned, Independent Travel Agent for Bali. 

Thank you for reading through until the end. You are now familiar with what we can offer as your personal high-class travel agent.

Subsequently, now that you are more familiarized with our first class luxury escapes in Bali and our unbeatable, unique services- when are you planning to book with us?

To reiterate, booking with us gives you a genuine 100% customer satisfaction process. Most travel agencies focus on only one moment of 100% customer satisfaction, but we are a one-of-a-kind travel agent in the sense that we ensure you are 100% satisfied throughout the entirety of the booking process to the last day of your holiday.

Contact Luxury Bali Tours today to receive your custom, vacation package suitable to your tastes.


I would love to hear from you. 

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Travel Agent Bali

We know, it’s the hardest thing in the world to find an actual reliable travel agent Bali.

Here, in Bali, everyone thinks they are an expert, whereas, sorry, they simply aren’t. Things are being handled very very different when compared to the Westerner world. Our clients deserve reliable and the best service and Luxury Bali Tours will make sure this ACTUALLY happens. With confidence, we claim to be your number one travel agent Bali. 

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