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Team building activities and retreats

Do you run a remote team? Or would you simply like your team to connect more with each other and get to know each other? 

Bring your team to Bali or the surrounding islands and enhance your company’s culture – take your company to the next level with a company retreat.

What Is A Team Building Retreat?

Simply put, a team building retreat is an out-of-office skill building experience.

Retreats allow employees and colleagues to collaborate while completing strategically designed tasks. 

Such experiences have proven time and time again to build coworker trust and communication, boost office morale, and build competence levels in multiple areas which will result into improving inner-office relationships, increasing productivity, and overall efficiency at performing routine office procedures and duties.

Employees engage with each other and the company at retreats resulting in a feeling of acceptance and familiarity.  

Team members acquire the above-mentioned skills by interacting as a group, or with partners, to complete team building activities and skill building games. Activities and games are selected based on your specific teams’ needs and goals. Speaking of your team, let’s discuss the reasons they need a retreat.

Let’s face it, a strong team is nothing without communication. At a retreat, team members hone their communication skills by joining forces to conquer tasks. Think of it as growing from coworkers to teammates.

The out-of-office setting provides an exceptional opportunity for management and staff to look beyond titles and accomplish goals as equals. Communication is the door to success, team building retreats are the key to communication.

High morale is a requirement for high productivity. Going to work every day in a ho-hum fashion ends up being as productive as trying to start your day with a broken coffee maker. You might as well just stay in bed.

However, if you are headed into the office to join a team and accomplish goals with a high energy atmosphere and attitude. This might closely relate to hitting up Starbucks for an extra shot of espresso and tackling world domination along the way.

Fun fact; companies with high morale earn 2.5 times the income as companies with low or average morale.

And to go one step further, 87% of employees who feel engaged with their company are likely to devote themselves longterm to said company.  



Why Does Your Company Need A Retreat?

There are three main reasons for holding a team-building retreat


1. Build strengths and improve weaknesses 

The list of strengths and weaknesses varies based on your specific teams dynamic. One team’s strength may be another’s weakness. Generally speaking, a retreat can build upon or improve upon any of the following skills among numerous others;


  • Goal setting
  • Influencing 
  • Integrity
  • Technology
  • Organization


  • Trust
  • Focus
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Time management

2. Get Focused

Harvard Business Review conducted a study that showed bonding and connecting directly makes team members feel stronger. Dedicating yourself to a mission boosts ambition and confidence.

Working toward a common goal improves focus and productivity. 

In like manner, holding a team-building retreat puts employees in a new setting.

Studies have shown breaking routine breeds the ideal environment for brainstorming and creativity.

All of these things involve your team working together for a common goal while dedicating themselves to a mission.

Your mission. 

3. Create trust between staff and management

Transform strangers and coworkers into teammates and colleagues.

Retreat activities, which we will elaborate on momentarily, are geared toward building trust. For instance, throw an egg to your partner and have them successfully capture it without breaking it. Talk about trust, if the teams not careful they might end up with egg all over their faces.

When performing duties outside of normal day-to-day mundane routine, employees find it easy to relax. When relaxed, it is human nature to let our guard down.

This allows employees to feel at ease and more on the same level as their superiors creating a beneficial dialogue and bond. Such activities and atmospheres are proven to build relationships and gain trust among team members. 

Think Outside The Box 

As you know, each of these three objectives plays a leading role in corporate prosperity. Participating in a retreat enables team members to think outside their cubicles.

This broadens their horizons and the companies boundaries. Retreats result in enhanced focus, communication, and trust by having members take part in recreational activities in a “vacation” type setting.

Benefits Of Having A Company Retreat

Team building retreats don’t just help unite your team and hone their skills. The retreat also shows your employees that you are willing to invest in them and allow them to enhance their abilities. Overall morale, trust, communication, comradery, time management, and other key skills will show increased advancement. These things strongly affect how your company operates and continues to prosper. 

The activities that are used as building tools for the company retreat can also benefit the team members in their day to day lives anytime they interact with others. Being a part of the retreat also allows your team to relate better to you and their other bosses. If everyone is in a relaxed setting and working on the same tasks then it is easy to feel as if all participants are equal in status. 

For instance, if all of you visit Lombok during the retreat you can take an epic group hike up Mount Rinjani. Or keep it relaxed with seminars and beach activities at Anema resort. The days’ events will feel more social and family like then business and work life. 

Let us continue on by exploring examples of the games and team building activities that help achieve these goals

Icebreakers – Get the ball rolling. Loosen up. Let the flow go. And lighten the mood.


This is who I am

  • An introductory activity to acquaint the team members with one another. Open communication lines. Each employee writes down or draws something significant to themselves. This can be something past, present, or future. Ideally describing ambitions and goals. Next, each person takes a 3-minute turn describing themselves and their writing/drawing to the rest of the team. Teams can also utilize this activity as a whole to set goals and form development plans.


  • Builds communication and trust


Make the connection

  • Get the team working together. Use and build creativity along with brainstorming as a group. Limit their time to 2 minutes, make them join forces under pressure. Achieve goals together. Give your team two seemingly unrelated subjects and ask them to come up with ways they relate.  For example, a blade of grass and a book. Your team might collaborate and come up with, “use a blade of grass as a bookmark.” The more subjects you give the closer your team becomes while trying to relate things in an out of the box context. 


  • Great for trust, communication, and problem-solving


Desert Island

  • Inform the team that they are being whisked away to a desert island in 5 minutes and can only bring 3 items. Each team member will have a chance to present and explain the items they chose to bring. By listening to each other explain their list everyone will gain a better understanding of the different personality types within the group. Better understanding equals better communication.


Trust – In order for any team to succeed there must first be trust amongst team-mates.



  • An ideal activity to perform outdoors on a beach or in the wilderness. First decide whether to provide materials or make team members search for their own, (consider time management here for your retreat itinerary). Divide your team into groups of 3-4 then give them materials or inform them they have 15 minutes to gather their own. Assign one member as a group leader for each group.  After all, materials are present, each person must put on a blindfold except the group leader. Now the participants must construct a shelter out of the given/gathered materials while blindfolded and listening to the group leader. The group leader can speak but not assemble the shelter. At the end of 30 minutes, the groups should have a shelter big enough for two people to weather a storm in. 


  • Builds trust, communication, leadership, creative thinking, cooperation, and time management skills.


Human Spring 

  • Pair off your team into sets of two. Have them stand 2 meters apart with arms stretched out from their chest palms facing each other. Next, instruct them to lean forward not moving their feet and catch one another with their hands then spring back from each other take a step apart and continue until the maximum distance is achieved.


  • This builds trust, communication, and risk awareness


Blindfold Obstacle Course

  • Another excellent outdoor activity for the beach or the forest. Set up an obstacle course either around rocks or trees. Pair your team off into two’s and blindfold one of each pair. The blind person must navigate the course without touching any obstacles and cross the finish line by following their teammate’s verbal commands. 


  • Improves trust, communication, and cooperation.


Let us help you plan those magical moments. More hands-on team building activities.


First, let’s explain Mt Ranjini so you can better understand why this is no ordinary walk in the woods and why this activity would be awesome for a positive impact on team development. Mt. Rinjani is not just a mountain, it is an active volcano with a picture perfect lake resting in its caldera. This volcano happens to be the second largest in Indonesia and the trek up climbs 1500 meters over a distance of 8 km.

That being said, it is simple to see how an entire retreat could be built around this outing alone. The typical trek up Mt Rinjani involves two days and one night, many trekkers make it a three or four-day event. 

The amount of time you choose to spend on the mountain will directly affect how much team and skill building is accomplished on the trek. The hiking alone can be an excellent skill-building activity for observation, morale, communication, trust, determination, engaging/bonding, confidence, and many others.

As you may have gathered, this activity involves teamwork to advance forward and achieve the common goal of reaching the summit. In this process, teammates will need to encourage and support each other to be successful. It will be beneficial to the team if all members stay aware of their surroundings and relay warnings of upcoming obstacles to promote team safety and observation.

Taking a few days to make the journey will allow time to set up and complete several other activities such as the ones we mentioned above. Of course, you can add or subtract as many as you see fit to accomplish your goals for the team. Setting up camp and preparing meals will both build teamwork skills as well. Everyone can work together to set up tents and food stations, you can turn these things into skill exercises. Try blindfolded tent assembly or maybe a scavenger hunt to find the food, most everyday life activities can be used as team builders. 

Reaching the rim of Rinjani is a personal confidence enhancer along with team achievement. It takes courage, support, and determination to make the final climb. The bond between teammates will show and grow during this segment of the outing. 

If you prefer to spread your retreat out between various venues, you can choose a few days on Rinjani preceded by, or followed by, time in our private seminar rooms. It can be beneficial to utilize all platforms to provide a well rounded full retreat experience for the team. Similar to the idea of having “something for everyone”. 

Luxury Bali Tours can provide guided treks, seminar rooms, secluded beaches, and accommodation arrangements to suit your teams’ needs. The examples provided here are just a guideline of activities and venues actual events can be structured to support your ideal retreat.

Contact Luxury Bali Tours today to begin construction on your team building retreat. Your team is ready for the challenge and we have the resources to accommodate your event. 


If you prefer to spread your company retreat out between various venues, you can choose a few days on Rinjani followed by, time in our private seminar rooms. It can be beneficial to utilize all platforms to provide a well rounded full retreat experience for the team. Similar to the idea of having “something for everyone”.  

Contact Luxury Bali Tours today to begin construction on your team building retreat. Your team is ready for the challenge and we have the resources to accommodate your event. 


Corporate Team Building Retreats

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

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