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We think the best time to visit Bali is all year long. Bali wet season or Bali dry season, both seasons bring their own uniqueness to the island. Come to see for yourself.

The best time to visit Bali really just depends on what types of activities you like to do. Due to Bali’s proximity to the equator, it has the luxury of being rather warm year round.

The climate is ideal for anything outdoors. Air and water temps hover around the 28-33 degree Celsius (80-90 degree Fahrenheit) mark. This means no wetsuits or sweatsuits required.

Instead of having the typical 4 seasons it simply has 2. One is wet or commonly referred to as the rainy season, and the other is dry.

Now don’t be fooled by its name, Bali’s wet season just means that it rains more often than during the dry season. The dry season begins in May and lasts through October, then the wet season starts and runs through the following May.

Remember these seasons are only as predictable as the weather, so they may vary a few months either way. Compared to other Southeast Asian countries Bali’s rainy season is quite great.

Just a few spurts of tropical rains each day and they’re always followed by sunshine.


best time to visit bali


Of course, this means spectacular rainbows! Most of the rain occurs during the nights making for lovely windows open sleeping conditions.

This is also the time of year that it gets really warm.  The water stays a consistent temperature even in the early morning.  

The air temperature stays the same night and day. So, you’ll never need that extra jacket along on your day trips.

On the off chance that it does rain too much during your stay in Bali, try an escape to the Gili Islands, the weather tends to be drier.


Bali Wet Season Means Brilliant Rainbows Over Warm Waters

Though Bali stays a fairly consistent temperature all year, during the Bali wet season the humidity fluctuates. As we all know humidity can make all the difference in the “feels like” temperature.

For instance, a 30C (92F) day with 80% humidity will feel roughly 10 degrees warmer than the actual temperature. That being said, an afternoon rain shower to cool things down a bit is a welcome element on the island.

On top of cooling things down, the showers also brighten and liven things up. In other words, sightseeing after a good rain is magnificent.

The Rice Terraces become greener, tropical garden flowers become brighter, the forest seems to literally come alive with growth and luster.


best time to visit bali


Talk about photo opportunities. The island transforms into a photographers dream come true. This means visitors have the privilege of capturing memories in the most astoundingly beautiful settings possible. 

Not to mention the chance of a rainbow photobombing the backdrop completing the fairytale.


best time to visit bali


The Benefits of Visiting During The Wet vs. The Bali Dry Season

One huge factor in having an excellent trip instead of just a good trip is accommodations. All of the island’s resorts are open during the Bali dry season or wet season, however, there is a slight difference in them.

It just so happens that resorts and hotels during Bali’s wet season are significantly discounted in price.

Not only are accommodations more affordable but, airfare is too!  

The saving doesn’t end there, if you happen to enjoy shopping at the local markets it is quite possible to find bargains on goods due to low traffic during the rainy season.

Additionally, if you are traveling with the family saving on all of these things will allow more funds for attractions and family tours.

The youngsters will be overjoyed with the endless adventures Bali has to offer them. 

To elaborate, the island is full of such places as;

  • Bali Zoo
  • Bali Bird Park
  • Waterbom Waterpark
  • Marine and Safari Park
  • Monkey Forest


best time to visit bali


That is to say, fun for the entire family and a world-class unforgettable island experience. Similarly, if you are traveling alone or as a couple you will have more “fun money” to lavish yourselves with.

Enjoy a day at the spa, take in a theater dance performance, stroll the art galleries, go deep sea diving, or venture to 5-star eateries and satisfy your palate. 

Bali just happens to be home to a variety of exquisite cuisine ready to test your taste buds and tame your hunger.


luxury escapes bali



Activities With Heightened Enjoyment When Wet

On the positive side, certain things go from wonderful to exceptional when it rains. With this in mind, more water equals more impressive waterfalls. Likewise, more water equals more exciting whitewater rafting.

As you know Bali displays several picture-perfect waterfalls.

Some you can hike to, others are better seen by a helicopter, the rest are hidden and require a bit of exploring to discover. No matter which ones you decide to visit you will not be disappointed.

Each runneth over with splendor in the rainy season, though you might slip and slide a bit on your trek to find them.

Equally important is the fact that most all falls have natural swimming pools below. A few are even designed for slipping and sliding down with the cascading water right into the fore mentioned pool below!

What a thrilling adventure! The tranquil settings will fill you with peacefulness and clear your mind of clutter.


best time to visit bali


By the same token, the white water rafting will not disappoint during this time of year. These wild adventures are intensified by swelling rivers and increased rapids adding to the experience.

Meanwhile, watch the astounding scenery of Bali passing by with every rushing rapid that launches you further down the waterway.

Witness wildlife at it’s finest while navigating through tropical forests and over gentle waterfalls. Like most other island activities, white water rafting has options for everyone’s interest and experience level.

You are able to choose from mild river rides to extreme sports type rafting expeditions. Each offers a slightly different terrain and scenery. But all offer hours of eye-opening, jaw-dropping, thrills and excitement!


best time to visit bali

Speaking of the Best Time to Visit Bali, How About the Dry Season


Certainly, the dry season has a more appealing ring to it than the wet season. But, which one is more pleasing all depends on the person. 

The prime time to visit Bali during the dry season is May, June, July and August. 

This is due to the nearly “perfect” weather conditions. However, this also means prices are higher, businesses are busier, and beaches are more crowded. 

On the other hand, waters are crystal clear and smoother for snorkeling, diving, swimming, and surfing.


best time to visit bali


The beaches are strikingly beautiful with blue sky and sunshine nearly all day every day. Furthermore, the winds are perfect for kite flying season and the arts are on display in the breeze along the coasts. 

Honestly, the question of when the best time to visit Bali is has 1 answer, anytime. In other words, there are equal amounts and varieties of things to do no matter the time of year. 

Bali is a never-ending wonderland of attractions and adventures. Couple this with all the luxury and relaxation any soul could need, and you may have just found heaven.


What Month Would Fit Your Ideal Image of Paradise on Earth?


There are also months between seasons called “Transition Months” when the weather could go either way.  Generally speaking, these months have perks of both seasons.


best time to visit bali


The tourism is moderate, weather could be rainy or dry (just a chance you’ll have to take), and there are still some discounts on travel. More specifically these months would be, April, May, June, September, and October. 

Then there are the wet months. November, December, January, February, and March. Low tourism, some scattered rain most days, and inexpensive accommodations. 

Last but not least the dry months. July and August. Heavy tourism, great weather, most expensive. 

So, when is the best time to visit Bali? How about right now?

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