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In family relationships, love is really spelled T.I.M.E.

You’re flipping through the pages of a travel catalog with your family and can’t seem to narrow down the ideal vacation spot this year.

Then, like a gift sent from heaven, your eyes discover the most beautiful paradise – Bali. You have never felt such a strong determination as before to book this family trip to Bali…Travelling Bali with kids has never been easier. 

Relax And Reconnect Together

In Your Bali family holidays

At Luxury Bali Tours, we are a united family.

We have the best partners who specialize with family activities as well as interactive locations in Bali with kids who express themselves at exciting destinations such as Pirates Bay Bali, Bali Safari Marine Park, Elephant Safari Park, and Lollipop Playland.

family trip to bali
Luxury Bali Tours baby sitter


Because of this mutual understanding of the heavy emphasis on families, we are able to create exceptional Bali family holidays packages tailored to each and every member of your family- from your husband to your wife, little ones, grandma- and yes, even your one-year-old where babysitting services are available upon request.

We want to create a relaxing aura for you and your family that we know you deserve on your Bali family holiday.

It’s time to unwind, kick your feet up on Bali’s finest beaches, and enjoy the vibrant colors in the sky that only is seen in Bali.

Whatever your alternate universe is, we can take you there. We are a one-stop shop agency specialized towards family tours.

Allow us to show you our extensive list of options of the best places to stay in Bali for families.

We understand family is number one and nothing unifies family better than a hidden getaway that isn’t familiar with mass tourism and overcrowded beaches as well as family-friendly cars.

Our family-oriented activities range anywhere from interactive tours on seaweed farms, the number one export in Nusa Lembongan, to adventures in the safari where your kids are able to observe nature’s wonders. While participating in these activities and choosing to book with Luxury Bali Tours, your stress levels will be lifted off your shoulders allowing a sensational feeling to overtake you. Try Bali with kids, the locals love to welcome you!

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Building Memories

Our close, local connections with your tour guides, drivers, and scuba diving instructors is invaluable as these connections have been honed and perfected over the years making your vacation that much more bonding.

Allow us to introduce to you your second home in the tropical paradise known as the Island of the Gods and show you some of the best places to stay in Bali for families.

WE Got You Covered

With our local expertise, we will bring the best family holiday ideas to you. 

We value each experience you will encounter when visiting this tropical paradise and make sure your entire families’ experience is optimized to the fullest.

In order to start planning your customizable, tailored trip with personalized day-to-day itineraries catering to all your preferences and wishes, simply contact us today to start your journey.

Your only job is to let us know of your inner desires while our job is to ensure these desires become a reality and suggest the best family holiday ideas to you in Bali and the surrounding islands. 

Our specialty as an independent, luxury travel agency is designing memorable, extravagant family holiday ideas satisfying everyone’s wants, needs, and desires whether you are looking to…Try Bali with kids, it will be an unforgettable memory which will last a life time…

Horses Sunset luxury bali tours


  • Go on a jungle safari witnessing sights of rare, endangered animals
  • Trek through the rainforests being rewarded with an enchanting sight of waterfalls at the end
  • Go on a treasure hunt with your kids uncovering hidden treasure maps and gems (Pirates Bay Bali)
  • Splash in the waterpark with your little ones at Lollipop’s Waterplay Land
  • Ride horseback throughout the breathtaking countryside
  • Tour coffee plantations while tasting the wonders of Balinese coffee beans
  • Snorkel the Gili Islands amongst submerged historic statues and shipwrecks

Let us help you plan those magical moments.

family trip to bali

No Distance Is too Far

When your vacation comes to a close, an indescribable feeling overcomes your inner being with overflowing happiness and familial unification.

Contact Luxury Bali Tours today to begin your magic experience with us.

Bali Family Holiday Packages – Experience Bali With Kids

Presence is the best present.

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