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Your Two Weeks Sample Bali Itinerary

Bali, Indonesia – The Island Of Gods – A Sample Itinerary to Get Your Imagination Started For Your Perfect Bali Holidays

“When I follow my heart, I wake up in BALI”

Yes, that’s the feeling people get when visiting Bali! No wonder this beautiful Indonesian island has been listed as one of the most popular, most visited and most loved tourist destination of all time.

But wait, what’s so interesting about this island? Why is Bali fever spreading so quickly? Let’s find out how your luxury escape Bali could look like. Find a sample Bali itinerary below on how your Bali holidays could look like. 

Your Arrival - Day 1

VIP FAST TRACK – Your personal Bali driver

Arrive in style. Meet our guide at the designated location at the arrival gate. Our team will welcome you with the warmest greetings, look out for your name on our sign. We will then escort you to the Visa On Arrival (VOA) area and will assist you to get through immigration. 

Relax at our waiting lounge facility while our VIP team manages the process for accelerated baggage handling at the claim area

Let us escort you through customs and meet our Bali driver at the arrival terminal exit. 

Relax in our luxury transportation while we make sure you will arrive safely at your luxury accommodation in Bali. 

(Pick up, fast track through customs, visa fee & drop off at the hotel, everything is included).

Bali - Jimbaran

Day 2 – 3

Cliff Spa, Beaches, Horse Riding, Jimbaran Sunset, Jimbaran Fish Market

Please let us take care of your jet lag. Explore Balinese Wellness, spend two-three hours or even half a day at our award-winning cliff spa. Being pampered with healing massages (have you ever had a 4 hands massage?), celebrity-endorsed Oxygen Facials, and 1-3 day spa retreats will set you in the right mood to have the most perfect holiday ahead!

Explore some nearby white sandy beaches and take in the sounds of the waves. Spend a few relaxed hours at a white sandy beach of your choice and get ready for your private horse riding experience. Enjoy the coastal scenery, accompanied by an experienced guide and safety ride.



Some popular beaches in Bali worth visiting are:

  • Bingin Beach
  • Thomas Beach,
  • Karma Beach
  • Green Bowl Beach
  • Balangan Beach, Balangan.
  • Double Six Beach
  • Blue Point Beach
  • Padang Padang Beach

Jimbaran Fishmarket & Sunset: Enjoy the beautiful panoramic Jimbaran sunset from the top of the cliffs and get to taste the flavor of the popular seafood dishes ala Jimbaran on the beach.

Fresh Catch of The Day: Select your favorite seafood from the endless selection which the fisherman just brought in fresh from the sea.


Bali - Uluwatu

Day 4

Private Fishing Trip

Take part on a fantastic day out on the water with your private fishing charter. Our experienced captain and crew will take you to all the hot spots around Southern Bali and Nusa Penida.

Bali’s fabled reefs and booming beach breaks are in season between April and October when swell swinging up from the Roaring 40s and Howling 50s march south-west across the Indian Ocean and the trade winds blow from the south-east.

Our crew will stop at the most beautiful snorkel spots, so you can get a taste of the beautiful underwater world Bali has to offer! If you would like, you can have your catch of the day grilled for lunch at Nusa Lembongan. 


Bali - Jimbaran

Day 5

Jenggala Gallery, Shopping, The Rock Bar

Explore your inner artist and paint a pot at the Jenggala Gallery. The gallery offers guests a unique experience to craft their very own ceramic creation. The Paint-a-Pot program provides a unique opportunity to bring home a souvenir for friends, family or yourself. 


International labels, local boutique designers, plus skillful tailors and dressmakers all offer reliable 24-hour services. Shops selling similar items are normally grouped together to make comparing prices easy, and if the shop they’re in doesn’t have a particular colour or size, they can just pop over next door! 



Depending on your needs, our guide will escort you to the right shopping mall. There are many malls to choose from, we believe those are the best ones which would cater to your needs:


1. Discovery Mall at Kuta
2. Beachwalk Kuta 
3. Mall Bali Galeria & Duty-Free Store
4. Bali Collection at Nusa Dua

Local shopping:

Silver- and Goldsmiths 

Bali’s clans of gold and silversmiths have been creating intricate objects for temple heirlooms, rituals and fine jewelry for centuries. Their designs continuously evolve, as do the handed-down crafting techniques. 
Bali is the center of jewelry crafting where your clients can go on a brief workshop and showroom tour and even pick up the art of silver making, from granulation to soldering, and down to the final polish.

Other points of interest: Indonesian batik, paintings, woodcarving

The Rock Bar

Located in the Ayana Resort, the world’s best cocktail bar ‘The Rockbar’ is the most perfect spot to watch the sunset. The bar is accessible via AYANA’s dramatic cliff side inclinator. Featuring a glamorous sunset vibe, and a seductive after-dark ambiance, listen to premier international DJs as they heighten your experience from a custom DJ booth carved directly into the cliff face.

Uluwatu Temple & Kecak Fire Dance

Uluwatu Temple: Uluwatu Temple is a Balinese Hindu sea temple located in Uluwatu. The temple is regarded as one of the sad kahyangan and is dedicated to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa in his manifestation as Rudra.

Kecak Fire Dance: The performance is called a ‘Kecak dance’, an onomatopoeic title for the sound of the chant. It’s based on a traditional Balinese ritual but was actually created by a German man in the 1930s and based on the famous epic Hindu story of the Ramayana.

Bali - Ubud

Day 6

Visit Green School & Ubud Markets 

Get to know part of Bali’s unexpected culture. Seeing children learning by doing, hearing deep and meaningful student discussions, experiencing daily growth as a whole person and feeling the joy of being part of a vibrant community of learners is the Green School experience.

Imagine a school without walls, a campus which ignites the senses and the natural curiosity of children, a place where innovation, creativity and learning flourish, a community, which has come together from all corners of the globe to share new experiences, a place of joy.



The Founders are building Green School to create a new paradigm for learning. They want children to cultivate physical sensibilities that will enable them to adapt and be capable in the world. They want children to develop spiritual awareness and emotional intuition, and to encourage them to be in awe of life’s possibilities.

Visiting Green School is a must-see for anyone who comes to the island of gods.  For more info on Green School, please have a look at this TED talk.


Ubud Markets 

The Ubud Art Market is an artisan/handicraft market in the center of Ubud Town. It’s an absolute must when you’re in Ubud. A lot of the goods found at the Ubud Market are made in the neighboring villages of Pengosekan, Tegallalang, Payangan and Peliatan. You’ll find lots of different handicrafts, a fair bit of tourist tat, and here and there an absolute gem that makes it all worth it.


Bali - Kintamani

Day 7

Kintamani Exploration

This amazing tour around the romantic town of Ubud combines all of the lovely highlights in a single day journey. We carefully selected unique places to visit to allow you to explore the exciting spots of Ubud whilst enjoying the spiritual center of Bali. 

This trip is one of the best full day tours in Bali where you will visit the Kintamani Village with a breathtaking view of an active volcano and where they will see Lake Batur from the top. (Not to worry, there is no hiking involved!



Besides admiring the volcano, you can choose to visit all or just a few of the following places: 

Kintamani: Most favorite tourist destinations in Bali with the active volcano of mount Batur and beautiful lake. 
Batubulan: Your clients may enjoy the classic performance of Barong and Keris Dance.
Ubud: Visit the king palace and explore the local markets. 

Rice Terrace: They will enjoy the beautiful panorama of this majestic valley within the rice terrace in Tegalalang, surrounded by countless coconut trees. 


Bali - Ubud

Day 8

Luwak & Spices Garden & Monkey Forest

Coffee & Spices Garden: You will enjoy the experience of traveling around the garden area which is fully filled with coffee plants. You can also see how the procedure works of producing coffee and please indulge the tastes of any kind of coffee and tea which comes to your nose. 

We will stop at a coffee plantation, where you able to sample local blends. These include the prized Kopi Luwak, or beans that have been eaten by the civet cat, not-really-digested, then pooped out, collected up, cleaned, roasted and ground for our drinking pleasure. 



Monkey Forest: The Ubud Monkey Forest is also known as the Sacred Monkey Forest and is located in Padangtegal village near Ubud town center. The 12.5 hectares monkey forest is home to more than 700 monkeys and over 180 species of trees.

At the forest grounds, you’ll also see an ancient bathing temple called Pura Beji, sitting next to a stream. Wash your face and hands with the water to take home some blessings.

While at Ubud monkey forest be sure to visit the nearby Pura Prajapati, which is the dedicated burial site. The site will amaze you with ancient mossy relics and statues hanging over shadowy dragon staircases.


Bali - Ubud

Day 9

Bali Holy Spring Water Temple (Tirta Empul) & Waterfall Tour

Lose yourself in Bali’s northern wilderness as you search for the majestic Sekumpul waterfall. The name means ‘grouped together’ in Bahasa, referring to seven great cascades of up to 80 meters high nestled in the heart of a lush jungle. 

Trek to the bottom of the fall, where you can wade in the rock pools. Along the way, you will discover local flora and fauna such as cacao, lemongrass, and coffee. 

Enjoy a refreshing, cool atmosphere and beautiful scenery with water flowing from the top of the cliff of another waterfall, Tegenungan. If you are open to it, you could take a shower in nature or just simply wash your face in the flow of the waterfall. 



Bali Holy Spring Water Temple (Tirta Empul): During his recent holiday in Bali last June 2017, former US President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Natasha, made Tirta Empul one of their selected sites to visit and experience. 

Tirta Empul temple is a Hindu Balinese water temple located near the town of Tampaksiring, Bali. The temple compound consists of a petirtaan or bathing structure, famous for its holy spring water, where Balinese Hindus go to for ritual purification.

The temple pond has a spring which gives out fresh water regularly, which Balinese Hindus consider to be holy. Tirta Empul means Holy Spring in Balinese.

Just as at other temples and sacred sites around the island, you will need to put on a ‘sarong’ before entering the premises. The sarongs are available at the temple’s entrance and can be rented for a small donation.


Bali - Ubud

Day 10

Mount Batur Sunrise Hike

Mount Batur Bali is an active volcano that is concealed inside a larger, older volcano. With a summit point of 5,633 feet high, Mount Batur is the ultimate place to trek on an adventurous hike. During your day tip to Mount Batur, we will show you around a few more magical places, which you didn’t even know of existed in Bali. 



Toya Devasya: Even though visiting the hot springs is optional on your sunrise hike, it is renowned for revitalizing your body, rejuvenating your soul, and nourishing your mind as your soak in the natural hot spring pools.

Toya Devasya Natural Hot Springs feature four, natural hot spring pools and one Olympic-sized infinity pool. Heated deep within the earth, minerals from the colorless and odorless hot spring bring healing and curative powers.

Soaking up these heavenly waters after an adventurous day of hiking, canoeing, or cycling complements your sore muscles and aching body. Alternatively, the Toya Devasya Hot Springs is a perfect getaway to enjoy the majestic panorama overlooking Batur Lake.


After 10 days exploring the best of Bali, be sure to visit the Gili Islands, and that includes Lombok. Without adding those two destinations to your itinerary, you have only lived half. Do you like this suggestion for your Bali holidays?


Overlooking The Jungle In Ubud

This magnificent family owned and operated resort, located in the jungle of Ubud is a rare affair for 5 star Bali luxury resorts.

From the exclusive infinity pool overlooking the spectacular jungle ravine to the romantic villas offering absolute privacy, every detail of this tropical haven has been carefully assembled to give guests an extraordinary expression of world-class luxury.

A secluded haven for romantics, adventurers and the mindful; these Bali luxury resorts commit to offering an unrivaled quality of customer service. A place where time slows down, connecting you with vibrant mother nature and offering rejuvenation.

Pool Suite

These suites provide an intimate feeling, with their spectacularly spacious interior, heated plunge pool and semi-outdoor bathroom beautifully blending indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Luxury hotels in Bali rarely see a starting room as elegant as this.

Deluxe Terrace Villa

The contemporary Balinese style of these newer villas incorporates a heated infinity edge pool and balé. The many thoughtful design features transform it into the ideal couples’ villa or an option for families when two villas are connected.

Signature Villa

This exclusive 2-bedroom private pool villa (12 meters), garden and balé are often referred to by guests as the resort’s Presidential Villa. This elegant accommodation has high-thatched roofs central living-dining area and commodious luxury bathrooms.

Vice Regal Villa

These spacious and romantic pool villas have uninterrupted valley views, providing the most picturesque scenery among luxury hotels in Bali. The traditional Balinese indoor and outdoor living areas are perfect for couples looking for an exclusive honeymoon in Ubud.


A Resort In The Jungle

Choose between 5 villas & suites:

🌴 Pool Suite

🌴 Signature Villa

🌴 Deluxe Terrace Villa

🌴 Terrace Villa

🌴 Vice Regal Villa

Those villas are more than a room – they provide the ultimate luxury experience from the moment you step through the hand-carved timber doors. Among the best of luxury hotels Bali has to offer, the traditional design of our villas incorporates modern comforts and amenities, transforming the space into a home away from home while providing you with a completely new, pampered lifestyle.

🌴Terrace Villa: The highlight of this romantic villa room is the balé, or small Balinese pavilion, perched elegantly over the private outdoor heated pool which adorns each of the romantic open plan villa suites, and offers spectacular views of the Petanu River gorge.

🌴Deluxe Terrace Villa: The contemporary Balinese style of these newer villas incorporates a heated infinity edge pool and balé. The many thoughtful design features transform it into the ideal couples’ villa or an option for families when two villas are connected.

🌴Vice Regal Villa: These spacious and romantic pool villas have uninterrupted valley views, providing the most picturesque scenery among luxury hotels in Bali. The traditional Balinese indoor and outdoor living areas are perfect for couples looking for an exclusive honeymoon in Ubud.

🌴Signature Villa: This exclusive 2-bedroom private pool villa (12 meters), garden and balé are often referred to by guests as the resort’s Presidential Villa. This elegant accommodation has high-thatched roofs central living-dining area and commodious luxury bathrooms.

Luxury Bali Tours – Your First Class Tour Operator For Luxury Escapes In Bali. 

Would you like to know how your personalized Bali itinerary could look like?

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