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Are you ready to share the most romantic adventure imaginable on paradise?

Share a romantic adventure on the island of the gods.

Whether you want to experience the adventure of a lifetime or be pampered in a spa by the beach, we are here to serve you.

It’s your Bali honeymoon, let our knowledge of the island build you the perfect holiday to start your journey and new life together.

Watch The First Rays Of Sun Kiss The Clouds

Your Unforgettable Couples Holidays

Perhaps you are the adventurous couple that bond over trekking up active volcanoes and sitting in awe with each other at the top of the summit as you watch the rays of sun kiss the clouds from the top of Mount Batur…

Or, perhaps you share your love best when you are wading through hot springs witnessing the encompassing luscious landscapes while hearing the conversations of the Bali Starling and other exotic animals.

Celebrate your love on your couples retreat by sitting together overlooking terraces of rice paddy fields while sipping Es Kelapa Muda (iced coconut water) or a margarita from the comfort of one of the many cafes that Bali has to offer.

Stroll through ancient, sacred Hindu temples unlocking the secrets of the past and discovering Indonesian culture while holding hands and filling your hearts with love and one-of-a-kind memories.

Whatever your choice may be whether it’s being pampered in a spa receiving luxurious, beautifying treatments or experiencing the adventure of a lifetime, Luxury Bali Tours is here to serve you and your needs with professional, photographer services to capture your experience. Does this sound like the perfect couples holidays?

Building Memories

It’s not our honeymoon, it’s yours. Allow our knowledge of this utopia to build the perfect holiday, or honeymoon, for you. Why not start off your life and journey together in the right way in the most romantic wonderland mankind has ever witnessed.

All of our itineraries and Bali honeymoon packages are tailor-made just for you. As an independent, luxury travel agency, we steer away from conventional packages as we understand they are generic. Our mantra couldn’t be farther from “one package fits all”. In fact, it’s all about you.

WE Got You Covered

Imagine choosing through endless options of beachside villas, beach resorts, and wellness retreats in Bali. We are here to ensure your couple holidays are enhanced to provide you with the ultimate experience.

Whether your preference is by the sea or in the flourishing cities of Bali, our experienced, English-speaking, professional tour guides will take the best care of you with reservations and transportation.

Unwind and allow us to take care of every aspect of your trip so you and your partner can commemorate your love and create a lifetime experience dedicated towards your abundant love.

Whatever you desire to experience and participate in on your Bali honeymoon,

whether it may be

  • Snorkeling underwater with manta rays, dolphins, or reefs sharks unlocking the ocean’s secrets with your companion
  • Riding on a private yacht creating an unforgettable, intimate experience
  • Having dinner in a romantic, candlelit setting in a cave
  • Catching the sunset off the coastal cliffs of Nusa Lembongan
  • Sharing a kiss at the top of Mount Agung amidst the dazzling, multi-colored sunset
  • Romantic getaway spending the day treating yourself and your loved one to luxurious, rose petal baths, detoxifying facials, or mani-pedis

Let us help you plan those magical moments.

No Distance Is too Far

Alternatively, maybe this isn’t your honeymoon, but a plan to propose to your loved one. Bali is the most romantic place to do it as your options are endless with helicopter rides, candlelit dinners in caves, and intimate villas located in total seclusion.

Also, have you ever thought of proposing underwater while scuba diving? This is also something we are more than happy to arrange for you.

Let us help you create the memories on your Bali honeymoon that will last forever where pictures don’t do justice.

Discover Your Bali Honeymoon Package

Distance means nothing when someone means anything. 

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