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Bali For Couples, Shhhh! It’s Exclusively For You

Why Bali for couples? Prepare to be ravished and romanced. For instance, this island is boasting with that magical vibe which creates passion and tantalizes lovers. After all, they call it the “Island of the Gods” for good reason. Bali has an explosive amount of spirituality coursing through its veins waiting for you to arrive and unleash its power. 

To be more specific, the Balinese strongly believe in Animism. This means that all objects, places, and creatures hold specific spiritual essence. In Bali, there is a god for everything including love and lovers. As luck would have it, you can feel at ease on the island with your special someone knowing that the god of love lives in the skies above. 

Semara, the love god, is said to live in the skies above spreading pure love over everything she sees. In fact, Semara is not alone in Bali, the legendary lovers’ spirits of Kamajaya and Kamaratih roam the island as well. The two soulmates were divine lovers poured onto the earth in human form forever seeking out one another. Furthermore, the spirits of these lovers are said to enchant the island with their love, lust, and passion for one another.

Now, imagine strolling along hand in hand surrounded by the emotion of mythical island spirits while being guided by the love in the skies. There simply is no better place than Bali for couples, the island creates the magic as you ignite the romance. Picture secluded beaches, private pools, intimate spa treatments, all just for the two of you.

Surrender Yourselves To The Spells Of This Enchanting Island

There are many ways to spark a flame in a relationship. That being said, it takes the right chemistry between two people to create that heat that sparks that flame. Are the two of you feeling those fireworks? That’s when you know you have all it takes to make your love last, add in an enchanting island getaway and solidify your commitment to one another.

You may be in the heat of the moment and Bali is in the heat of the tropics. Notably including all the features of an enchanted island to help the two of you ignite your romance. Such as extraordinary views and landscapes, extravagant resorts, magical fairytale settings, exclusively for you. Two more reasons to run away to Bali for couples, maybe there are thoughts of a honeymoon or popping that big question. 

No matter the reason you arrived, you are sure to fall deeper in love in Bali. It’s written in the stars and wrapped around your hearts, let the island captivate you. Bali has an abundance of amenities as well as activities and we found a few sure to enthrall the warmest of hearts. Without delay, here are 8 ways to fill your heart and ignite the romance.

1. Peacefull Picturesque Waterfalls

Imagine just the two of you. There you sit in the warm tropical breeze, listening to the water as it cascades out of the lush green jungle canopy. You watch the stream gracefully plummet into a crystal clear pool below. The sound of the waterfall as calming as the waves rolling in from the ocean. A serene setting with the occasional bird chirping, the sun peeking through the treetops, and there you are in the middle of paradise. 

With this in mind, the two of you can take a day and hike through the undiscovered rainforests together. Of course, you can simply stroll along a well-traveled path a short distance from the main road as well. The point being, seeking out the waterfalls is the activity. The result is your time together in the wild. You’re planting the roots of your love and causing your feelings to flow like the falls. 

2. Romantic Spa Getaways

Did you know, Bali has a wide range of luxury spas and wellness retreats? Not only are most first-class resorts on the island equipped with a full-service onsite spa. Similarly, there are resorts designed specifically toward full body health and wellness. Certainly, a romantic spa getaway will get those passions burning and hearts melting. 

To begin with, enjoy a foot wash and massage while sitting side by side holding hands and enjoying the magnificent island views. Next, a full body scrub with exotic herbs and flowers, invigorating your pores and beautifying your souls. Coupled with a traditional Balinese body massage, this is sure to set your souls on fire. 

There you are side by side throughout the entire process from relaxation and rejuvenation to a feeling of complete emotional bliss. Let your bodies be reborn as you stare into one another’s eyes connecting mind, body, and soul. In addition to the sensual seductive atmosphere of couples spa therapies,  you may also take part in couples meditation and yoga sessions. 

Romantic spa getaways are the ideal example of Bali for couples and how the island helps you connect and fuel the fires of love. For this reason, the enchanting island and its spiritual beliefs cater to the lovers. To clarify, certain spas offer couples cooking classes on top of yoga, meditation, and spa treatments. Get ready for those emotions to flare and passions to collide.

3. Ever See The Sunrise  From The Top Of A Volcano?

When you think of love and romance it’s hard not to picture sunrises. For one thing, the earth becomes alive with the first signs of sunlight. Call it magic, call it miraculous, we’ll call it romantic. 

Bali is home to one of the most surreal places imaginable to capture the perfect sunrise. Mt Batur is an active volcano towering over the island with multiple access routes to the top. If you are ambitious and able to take a two-hour trek up a mountain, you simply must share this with that special someone.

There are guided treks or you may opt to trek alone for that private element and romantic feel. Of course, the first part of the day will begin in the dark. Once you reach the summit an astoundingly gorgeous world will be illuminated with golden rays of light right before your eyes. And, there you will be with the love of your life soaking in the moments as they drip by with the sun drenching the island with color. 

4. You Saw The Sunrise Now Watch It Set

With endless beaches to walk barefoot, hand in hand, in the sand, there also comes endless possibilities for catching the sun setting. The two of you can find a cozy nook tucked away along the coast, maybe toss a blanket in the sand. If the mood strikes maybe take a dip in the warm rolling waves. 

As soon as the sun starts the descent into the sea, hold each other close and watch it disappear. Next, you may sit and set your eyes on the newly painted skies. All the while listening to the waves fall onto the shore with brilliant streaks of color dancing on the water reflecting from the sun. A must-do on your Bali for couples list of romantic outings.

5. Exclusive Beachside Cave Dining

There is nothing primitive about this caving experience. A personal waiter, candlelight, scrumptious cuisine, and love is in the air. Needless to say, the ambiance is exceptional. 

To set the scene, a large sand floor, limestone-walled, cave nestled into the beach opening up to an ocean view. White-clothed tables decorated with flowers and candles with your personal waiter ready to attend to your every need.  In a word, intimate. If you are looking to dazzle your special someone or set the mood for a proposal, this is the place. 


6. Swing Away With Each Other

Fun Bali fact, there are swings in the strangest places. Feel like a kid again pushing your first crush on the swing at the playground. The two of you can laugh and make memories all over the island. 

There are beach swings and swings over the canopy of the jungle. For example, you could sit side by side dangling your toes in the ocean swaying in the breeze. There is something freeing, something spontaneous, something wonderful about taking a ride in a swing.



Beyond the beaches, you two can venture into the jungles and discover a high flying adventure in the treetops. What is it about adrenalin that gets the heart thumping? A true illustration of “romance is in the air”. 

7. Dive Deep Into Each Others Hearts… And The Sea

In case you didn’t know, Bali is an exquisite place to snorkel and scuba dive. There are a few reasons this experience will be unlike any other you will find. 

First of all, Bali is located in a unique geographical area where the marine ecosystems come together. To be specific, the Wallace line rune right through the sea by the island. This imaginary line separates the south Asian marine world and the Australian marine world.

Due to these special conditions, the two of you can be swimming with an astounding number of rare tropical fish and sea animals. Not to mention sharing the sites of the colorful coral reefs and the underwater museum of statues. All while soaking up some sun and gliding through the bright blue temperate waters.

8. Share The Seclusion Of Private Beaches

Bali has a number of ways to experience privacy on its sandy shores. While the two of you are lost in each other’s hearts, you can also be lost to the world. In order to hide away, visit any of Bali’s hidden beaches and you can bask in the sun or take a secluded dip in the sea. Just you and your love and the magic of the island of the gods. 

Another way to enjoy a secluded beach setting while exploring Bali for couples is to take advantage of a beachfront resort. There are several beachfront accommodation options on the island and some offer private beach access.  

That concludes our tour of Bali for couples. Now, let’s talk about building your tailor-made Bali for couples itinerary. Luxury Bali Tours can take you and your love on an unforgettable island holiday. We make sure everything is included and custom fit for your desires.

Your holiday. Your way. Everyday. 

Contact us now to start building a couples escape that will ignite your romance.


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