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Tailor made travel for You. 

We create tailor made journeys for you, whether you wish to seek thrills, reconnect or discover new things.

Custom Travel Experiences

For Deluxe Holidays

Planning a holiday can be very straining and time consuming, the unknown and the endless possibilities are not your allies. That’s where we come in, so you can fully be in the moment ! We create journeys for everyone, whether you wish to seek thrills, reconnect or discover new places. We love travelling and we love creating lifetime experiences and deluxe holidays even more. We handcraft standard packages as well as tailor-made ones to cater for your every need.

Building Memories

We have our roots in Bali and we’re here to share this magnificent island with you. We meticulously partake in every trips that we organize for you, making sure you will have nothing but a great time. We are always on the move and discovering new things, which gives us an extensive knowledge base to create perfect journeys for you. We value your serenity and we fully invest ourselves, so you don’t have to worry about anything whilst being on your trip, we’re here for that.


At Luxury Bali Tours, we have a team of passionate travel designers, Bali drivers, tour guides and instructors, who work with us not because they have to, but because they love to. Creating tailor-made travel and a memorable trip and your happiness drives them. We are very lucky to have such a team and we value them. We want our customers to be able to share the same interaction that we have amongst us.



Founder & Travel Designer

I’m very passionate about traveling and have been doing so for over a decade now. I have traveled and experienced many different countries in this world, yet none of the countries have inspired me so much than Indonesia does. To have set up Luxury Bali Tours is my way of inviting you to experience something really extraordinary and special, in a country where everything is different. 

Living on the island of Bali has changed me as a person so much, it has taught me so many lessons and changed my outlook on life completely, especially coming from a fast paste environment like Germany & England. 

I fell in love with the islands, the diverse nature Indonesia has to offer and, of course with the locals specifically, who make the islands just magical. We westerners can learn so much from them – I encourage you to come and visit us, take a first-class escape to Indonesia and let us show you a different world. Here, you will really be able to relax and unwind. 

Our team hopes to welcome you soon. 



Tour Guide & Snorkel Specialist

I have been working in the tourism industry for over 10 years now. Tina and I were working together as dive masters around the Gili Islands and we know the underwater world by heart. I am now the snorkel specialist for Luxury Bali Tours, as well as responsible for showing you hidden canyons and waterfalls in the North of Lombok.

Let me invite you to share a local dish with my friends from our village with you and bring you to my daughter’s school. You will be learning a lot, I promise. This is an exclusive tour which nobody knows about, apart from us and I would love to share it with you. 




I am a Balinese tour driver who strives to provide our tourists with the highest standard possible on this island (and that’s what you want, trust me on this!)

As a driver, I offer you a value-added trip by giving you exactly what you need. May this be extensive information about our island, or may it be a relaxing time? I will make sure we deliver what you need. We provide comfortable cars with refreshments for your wellbeing.

Safety is always our highest priority, please be our guest. 



Tour Guide

Hallo liebe Leute, my name is Husni and I started to be a tour guide in 1991. My passion is learning about different languages, so that’s why I went back to university in Mataram to study the science of languages. I have been working for many years for German travel companies, speak fluently German and I am excited about every German tourist I get to meet.

I am born and bread in Lombok and the most exciting thing for me is to connect with many people from all around the world who can learn about our culture. I love to explore cross cultures and show my tourists the differences between ours and theirs. Differences are the beautiful things in life which keep it interesting, aren’t they? 

Please, I invite you to visit our beautiful island of Lombok, which is just so different from Bali. 


Tour Guide

Hey, I’m Wenten. I was born and bred in a traditional Balinese family in the mountain area of Lombok. My parents are from Bali, that’s why I follow and love the Hindu culture and practice the Hinduism religion here in Lombok. 

I have been active as a tour guide since 1989 and I am a senior tour guide. I love my job so much. My favorite activity is snorkeling down in the South of Lombok. I would love to show you unexplored areas of our sea life, where marine life is still untouched. 

You can find Bali in Lombok – but you can’t find Lombok in Bali – and I am able to this to you since I have parts of both islands in my blood! 



Tour Guide

I have been an English Teacher for a long time, I taught at Junior High School for 38 years. I have now retired from teaching and working as a tour guide in Nusa Penida.

The Nusa Islands consist of three different parts, Penida, Ceningan and Lembongan. I am a specialist for Penida, where I am born. The islands are part of Bali and are well known for their high coastal cliffs. Everyone on this island was once my student, I have so much I would love to tell you. I hope to be your guide and show you the yet different culture over here in Nusa Penida. 



Tour Guide

Hi, I’m Eddy, I am a local tour guide from Lombok and have been guiding people from all around the world for 14 years now. My passion is it to connect with foreigners and to show them our Sasak culture, and also, learn from others about their culture.

I have a superior talent for entertaining my audience and for delivering high-level customer service. I am fluent in French, so if you like, I can show you around my island, communicating in French, English or Bahasa.



Tour Guide

Made is a local Balinese, living in a small village near by Ubud. His passions lies in teaching about the Balinese culture and tradition.

Always greeting our guests with the biggest smile, Made has been guiding travelers for the past five years and loves to bring them back to his Balinese home, maybe to share a meal if you like and to talk about differences of cultures. 

With his warm and welcoming presence, Made will not only leave you with local insights about Bali which you can’t find in any guide book, you also made a new friend for life. 



Tour Guide

The reasons why I am working as a tour guide in Bali are diverse. I think it’s a privilege to show other people our home. Dealing with different cultures and characters from all sorts of nationalities always creates a new challenge. 

What’s most important for me is that after a tour my guests take something positive about Bali back to their home country. 

I have learned to speak, read and write German through studying at University in the country as well as through constant reading and listening to books. 




Retreat Coordinator

Memed who is a native of Lombok has over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry,

He manages and distributes human resources to assure a perfect and smooth course of events at our team-building retreats.

Spending 3 years as a tour guide and 4 years in a luxury boutique resort, our multi-talented Memed will assure you will be treated with the highest standard possible for your every need. 


Game Master

Ketut is a game master who has more than 10 years of experience in providing team building services. He departed from the experience of working in the tourism industry for more than 25 years and walked towards his carrier at a manager level with various divisions.

Motivating and encouraging people to do more to achieve goals is his duty and passion. 

As a Game Master, he is continuing to arouse enthusiasm for all team building participants to build strong and solid teamwork.



Game Master

Agus has over 15 years experience in the field of management & delivering standard quality services to corporate companies such as Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen. He helps companies to design, develop & deliver quality team building programs in a recreational and experiential environment, all activity based. 

Some areas of his expertise are team building, service quality, risk management and leadership for various group sizes, starting from 20 people up to 200. 



1. We Support Fair Trade

If there would be a ‘fair trade’ label for the tourism industry, we would have it. At Luxury Bali Tours, we deal with multilingual, trained and educated local staff directly. We do not white label our trips, unlike most other companies and we don’t have any middle man.

We create jobs for the locals.



2. Licenced Guides & Drivers

When booking a holiday with Luxury Bali Tours, you will have one of our licensed tour guides dedicated to taking care of you. Everyone in Bali claims to be a driver, a guide or both, and this can result in different horror stories.

People have been dropped and left behind at tourist destinations by their driver, left without any transport or options to contact anyone because the driver was afraid to be caught by the tourist police, simply because they don’t hold the right licenses. 

The tourist police will chase non-licensed guides. Non licensed guides have to pay a fine up to 50 million to the government, in some cases, they even go to jail. Cases have been reported, non-licensed guides have been miss-informing tourists and bringing them to the wrong temples ‘because they paid cheap and the temple they were meant to see was too far away’ and required the guides to drive 2 hours further out of the villages.

The country of Indonesia is trying to reduce its amount of bribery and we kindly ask you to contribute to this mission as well, if you can.

Our guides are highly qualified and have been through extensive training at tourism school. Each and everyone is holding a valid tour guide license (confirmed by the government).
Our guides also speak different languages, from German, Mandarin to French and of course, English. Should you wish to request a tour guide who speaks your mother tongue, please let us know. 


3. Chicken and mosque free zones (as far as it’s possible)

Yes, it’s a thing. In Bali, every family has several chicken and cocks at home. They belong in every household in Bali. Cockfights are very popular, so that’s why every family has several cocks as well.

Normally there is one cock per chicken crew, in Bali, they prefer to have several cocks in one group as they train them up for fights. It’s part of their culture. It creates income for a Balinese family. They also need cocks for their frequent ceremonies. 

And there are a lot of ceremonies in Bali. There are a lot of ceremonies in Bali, every new moon, full moon, every 210 days, every 6 months and so on and so on. Ceremonies are endless. For specific ceremonies, the Balinese use the blood from the cock who lost the fight to spill around the ceremony to keep away bad spirits. You will learn more about this in one of our guided tours. 

The cocks can make incredible noise and disturb your sleep, especially if there are several in one group.

We will make sure you are well taken care of in the right type or resort, villa or hotel.

While most locals on Bali follow the Hindu religion, this is different in the Gilis and in Lombok. The Gili Islands and Lombok are Muslims and therefore quite a few mosques will be present.

Again, we will make sure you will be taken care of and will only recommend you to places where peace and a quiet environment is reassured for your maximum relaxation.



4. Inspections ONLY 

Every hotel/villa/resort which we recommend to our customers has been tested from by our staff first hand. We do not accept any collaboration with any property which we haven’t at least inspected.

Only this way we are able to assure 100% top notch quality service and quality products to our customers. We have stayed in 5* resorts which had amazing reviews online and everything looked super clean from the outside, however, when we got there, we had cases happening of discovering bed bugs in our beds (and nobody took care of the problem, they just re-did the room for the next customer without seriously facing the issue), black water coming out of the sinks, terrible food and so on and so forth. We could write books about this, and we actually may one day.



5. Secret Places

Bali is the number one tourist destination in Indonesia. We have A LOT of tourists coming, numbers progressing every year. This means, unfortunately, some destinations on the islands aren’t as enjoyable anymore as they used to be.

This is where we come in. We will bring you to beautiful, secret and hidden places which some locals even didn’t know existed, and of course neither the average mainstream tour company doesn’t have a clue about (since they either don’t live here and white-label their tours and use illegal drivers).  

We constantly put the effort in and evolve our trips and tours – so you can have a tourist-free, off the beaten path, exclusively tailormade and enjoyable and relaxing time in Bali, should this be what you are looking for. And of course, if you wish to visit the main points of interests which attract many people, then we will bring you there. Mostly a nice healthy mix of both options can make a great holiday.



6. Liability

Sometimes we use third party companies for activities like rafting, ATV and such. This means we only work closely with reliable companies, again, which we know very well, where we tested the activities ourselves beforehand and which can provide liability insurances, in case of an incident. Just in case, it’s always good to be covered. 


7. Cruelty-Free Attractions

Indonesia is a country where animals, unfortunately, aren’t always treated as well as in the west. Luxury Bali Tours does not support animal cruelty, caging or anything along those lines.

Coffee Luwak, for example, is the most expensive coffee in the world, and it comes from Indonesia. The Luwak is an animal which lives around the coffee tree plantations. It comes out at night and nibbles on the ripe coffee cherries, poos it out in the mornings and that gives the coffee a very specific taste.

Of course, many people love to see this animal, so most local people came to the glorious conclusion to cage up some of the animals to ‘showcase’ to the tourist.


We have done our research and have found out about farms which produce Luwak coffee, yes, however, only in smaller portions as the Luwaks won’t be caged up but live free in the wild. 

Thank you so much for two amazing weeks in Bali, Tina! From the first day on Tina arranged everything and answered every question I had during my stay. Everything was perfectly organized. My personal highlights which I can definitely recommend are:

– Private boat tour around the southern islands & snorkeling with manta rays
– Gili Islands
– Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking
– Ubud waterfalls, coffee € tea farm, monkey forest
– Surfing

Thanks for all the organization and good recommendations, Tina!

Jen Moßmann, John Deere

Our luxury escape in Bali 2017-2018 was absolutely fantastic! A lot of impressions in our 2 weeks holiday. A massive thank you to Tina for planning and organising everything.

Jerome David, Educator, Belgium

We just spend two great weeks in Bali with Tina as our travel agent and everything was perfectly organized so we didn’t have to worry about anything. Always reachable when having questions, Tina made it possible to enjoy every trip. Our Luxury Bali holidays were amazing!!

Starting with the sunrise on the top of Mount Batur, relaxing afterwards at hot spring, snorkeling with Manta rays, taking a trip trough Ubud, enjoying the landscape during a Rafting & Quad tour and close holidays at the beautiful Gili Islands…everything was fantastic, no regrets. Thanks!!

Velz Anne

If I could sum up our 4 day Gili/Lombok adventure in one word, it would be “Unforgettable”. A lot of people that travel and go on tours will probably remember bits and pieces of them in the future. For this trip, from the moment we started to the moment we got off the shuttle, I’ll never forget a minute. It was AMAZING. 
My girlfriend was in Bali for two weeks and it was my first vacation in two years, so I wanted all of the small details taken care of so I could shut my brain down and enjoy the adventure. That’s exactly what happened.
The Gili islands were amazing. I fell in love with a new place and will be returning in the future. If you thought Bali was laid back, the Gilis take it to a whole new level. It’s a very relaxing, quite and secluded set of islands. If you’re into parties, Gili T is there for you. If you want to chill with a special someone, GIli Air will provide. Or if you’re into the honeymoon phase, head straight to Gili Meno.
All of the activities were awesome and didn’t feel rushed like other tours I’ve taken. There was also a lot of freedom in what we could do in our off time, with no pressure to be constantly on the move which was a bonus.
The cherry on the cake for the whole trip was Lombok. Tina’s team member Hyfan (our guide) showed us an amazing time. The hospitality was unmatched, the adventure was thrilling and the places we saw were not swarming with tourists. I truly felt like I was taking a trip with a long time friend while getting to know the local vibes. Hyfan, if you’re reading this, you’re the man!
Lastly, the mastermind behind it all, Tina. I didn’t have to sweat the details at any step along the way. Anytime I had questions or was looking for recommendations she was there to answer. From planning to execution, Tina was on point and very quick with communications. 
To sum this up, if you’re looking to unwind, explore new places and have an unforgettable experience, forget about any other tour guides, Tina is the answer!
Aaron Whelan, CEO Infinitus

Our Mantra 

Which Luxury Travel Companies Can You Trust? 

Of course, every travel company claims to be the best. And so do we. But how do you know we actually are the best amongst all luxury travel companies? It’ simple. We are the best because we only focus on one country.

Focusing on one region only allows us to stay the best throughout all times. 100% of our energy, resources, and focus goes into Luxury Bali Tours. We know every inch of the islands and have the best team on board. We offer the most exclusive experiences, which no other travel company can offer, simply through their lack of connections. Others outsource to mainstream DMCs (destination management companies), we operate ourselves. 

We do real stuff. We deliver authentic experiences. In one country, spread over a few islands only. 



Connect With Our Team & Request Your Tailor Made Bali Holiday Today. 

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