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Discover Bali, the “Island of the Gods”, and everything it has to offer. With various islands easily accessible by sea, Bali is the perfect destination for any getaway.

Bali is the best first-class escape destination, home to Asia’s best resorts, the level of service and spas are irreproachable. If you need a luxury escape from your routine or feel like you deserve a good unwinding, Bali is the best spot for you.

We will make sure you make the most out of your luxury escape in Bali with specifically handpicked tours, accommodation and experiences. 

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We hand-pick destinations and design your packages to make sure you make the most of your luxury escape.

We are strong believers of bespoke travel packages, whether you are on your honeymoon, travelling with family or out to explore, we have everything to help create the perfect trip for you.

We’ll craft your trip based on your interests, tastes and preferences, making sure you make the best memories.

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Our trips are designed for travellers looking for a luxurious getaway. We want you to be able to experience all the comfort whilst exploring a new country as much as the place can offer.

If I could sum up our 4 day Gili/Lombok adventure in one word, it would be “Unforgettable”. A lot of people that travel and go on tours will probably remember bits and pieces of them in the future. For this trip, from the moment we started to the moment we got off the shuttle, I’ll never forget a minute. It was AMAZING. 
My girlfriend was in Bali for two weeks and it was my first vacation in two years, so I wanted all of the small details taken care of so I could shut my brain down and enjoy the adventure. That’s exactly what happened.
The Gili islands were amazing. I fell in love with a new place and will be returning in the future. If you thought Bali was laid back, the Gilis take it to a whole new level. It’s a very relaxing, quite and secluded set of islands. If you’re into parties, Gili T is there for you. If you want to chill with a special someone, GIli Air will provide. Or if you’re into the honeymoon phase, head straight to Gili Meno.
All of the activities were awesome and didn’t feel rushed like other tours I’ve taken. There was also a lot of freedom in what we could do in our off time, with no pressure to be constantly on the move which was a bonus.
The cherry on the cake for the whole trip was Lombok. Tina’s team member Hyfan (our guide) showed us an amazing time. The hospitality was unmatched, the adventure was thrilling and the places we saw were not swarming with tourists. I truly felt like I was taking a trip with a long time friend while getting to know the local vibes. Hyfan, if you’re reading this, you’re the man!
Lastly, the mastermind behind it all, Tina. I didn’t have to sweat the details at any step along the way. Anytime I had questions or was looking for recommendations she was there to answer. From planning to execution, Tina was on point and very quick with communications. 
To sum this up, if you’re looking to unwind, explore new places and have an unforgettable experience, forget about any other tour guides, Tina is the answer!
Aaron Whelan, CEO Infinitus

We just spend two great weeks in Bali with Tina as our travel agent and everything was perfectly organized so we didn’t have to worry about anything. Always reachable when having questions, Tina made it possible to enjoy every trip.

Starting with the sunrise on the top of Mount Batur, relaxing afterwards at hot spring, snorkeling with Manta rays, taking a trip trough Ubud, enjoying the landscape during a Rafting & Quad tour and close holidays at the beautiful Gili Islands…everything was fantastic, no regrets. Thanks!!

Velz Anne

Thank you so much for two amazing weeks in Bali, Tina! From the first day on Tina arranged everything and answered every question I had during my stay. Everything was perfectly organized. My personal highlights which I can definitely recommend are:

– Private boat tour around the southern islands & snorkeling with manta rays
– Gili Islands
– Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking
– Ubud waterfalls, coffee € tea farm, monkey forest
– Surfing

Thanks for all the organization and good recommendations, Tina!

Jen Moßmann, John Deere

Went to Mt. Batur with Tina and everything was well coordinated. Tina was on-point with communication prior to the trip and made sure were having a great time during the trip itself! We also went to a spa after and another unplanned tourist spot which was breathtaking.

Bali is so beautiful and hiking up a volcano to see the sun rise was a once in a lifetime experience. Tina made the process smooth, super fun and enjoyable. Don’t even bother trying to pinch pennies with other tour providers, it’s simply not worth the chance of something going wrong and ruining what would be an amazing holiday experience. Overall this trip was perfectly planned and executed, with a lot of fun, great memories and amazing value. Highly recommended!

Willie Tsang, CEO Scaresteet

We had an amazing trip to Gili Air in Indonesia as suggested by Tina. She planned everything and took care of all the little details so we didn’t have to worry about a thing.

Excellent service, will definitely be working with Tina again!

Kyle Gawley, CEO Get Invited

Tina is fantastic!! Extremely helpful and super responsive! She helped me arrange all of my transportation in Bali with an excellent driver. I would highly recommend booking through Tina. Thank you!

Cristina Coons, Happy & Homeless Travel

Our luxury escape in Bali 2017-2018 was absolutely fantastic! A lot of impressions in our 2 weeks holiday. A massive thank you to Tina for planning and organising everything.

Jerome David, Educator, Belgium

Thank you Tina. Our 2 weeks Bali holiday was an amazing experience with new insights. Awesome job!

Justen Andreas, Educator, Belgium

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